By Maria Devaney

Editor & Publisher

February 8, 2016

On this dreary Monday, we are grateful to Shay Graydon taking this inspirational snap taken street side in Paris.  I feel better.


Photo by Shay Graydon, 9 arr. Paris.

January 28, 2016

January is comfort food month.  We plan to cook up the recipe below chez Devaney ASAP (having enjoyed it at Soho House).  We know you will like it too.

Please click on image below for the recipe.


January 27, 2016

Eat. Drink. Nap.” would in a perfect world become my personal motto— inspired the founders of SohoHouse London, who published under the same title.

During a recent visit to BeachHouse, I worshipped the concept in theory.  Perhaps someday I can actually execute…7

January 26, 2016

A visual to brighten your Tuesday.



Courtesy of thisisgamourous.

January 25, 2016

We might not survive January without Kahina Giving Beauty.  These products over-deliver across the board, are certified organic, and are packed with vitamin E and essential fatty acids.  CEO & Founder Katharine L’Heureux directs a percentage of the profits back to educate and support Morocco’s Berber women, who have long harvested the argan oil which serves as the base for Kahina’s formulations.  Kahina Giving Beauty features a full line of cleansers, moisturizers, masks, brightening serums, and assorted other surprises.  Their night cream featured here works wonders.  And frankly, it doesn’t get any better than a bedtime bath infused with their pure Argan oil.  We’re pretty sure these products will make your Monday— and most likely your month!  Kahina Giving Beauty.

Kahina Giving Beauty

January 24, 2016

As we dig out from this snow, I have April in Rome on the brain.

Ci vediamo presto.  A Roma!


The Palazzo Doria Pamphili Gallery, Rome.

January 23, 2016

How about a visit to COLD MOON FARM?

As we live through Stormageddon 2016, SNOW SNOW SNOW is on the brain.   As you sit by the fire, hot-toddy-in-hand this evening, how about if you also consider a weekend ski trip to Vermont?

Should you take me up on this smart suggestion, we highly recommend Stratton Vermont’s Cold Moon Farm, located just three miles from Bondville VT and Stratton Mountain’s access road.

Having stayed with (owners) Irene & Ed Glazer on and off for the past four years, we can attest that a visit to Cold Moon Farm feels like being a houseguest— one who has hit the jackpot no less.

On our most recent visit, our three children 1) skied Stratton 8:30am-4:00pm 2) collected eggs from the chickens in the evenings before going to bed 3) milked the goats the goats morning and evening.

Breakfast with Irene is an event in and of itself.  All items offered are products of Cold Moon Farm: the Challah bread for Irene’s French toast, the farm fresh scrambled eggs, the incredible homemade ricotta cheese with their own honey dribbled on it, and all of the other delicious morning offerings.   The gift of Mimosas all-around to celebrate the New Year also hit the spot.  I can’t think of a nicer way to start any day than waking up chez Irene & Ed.

So DO book your COLD MOON FARM stay right now— winter, spring, summer or fall.  And tell them that Maria recommended you.

Members of the family who you will meet at Cold Moon Farm.

January 21, 2016

………AND WE’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!  Yes, we took a four year hiatus to publish another project called “Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Vogue“, but more about that later.

We are back up and running here on

So stay tuned for exciting news and updates to kick off this new year!!!!!!!!!


Advertisement: Jay Ackerman is offering a Spring Special for readers $250 for a family shoot, plus a 20percent discount off follow up prints. Please visit

April 19, 2012

To celebrate Earth Day, The Bronxville School is sponsoring “Walk to School Week”.   The Bronxville School is asking all families to walk to and from school each day next week.   They are also encouraging families to form “walking trains” with neighbors, so that— like a carpool— not every parent needs to walk each day.   The kids are sure to love these walking trains, which should add to the already inclusive and festive feel of the event. The Village of Bronxville is committed to making this a successful event (with added police awareness to help to manage traffic, safety, etc. for walkers).  Since 2009, The Bronxville School has organized “Walk to School Day” in the spring and the fall.  Since it has been such a gigantic hit in the past, it has been extended for the first time to an entire week.  So plan ahead with your neighbors now— and enjoy!

Special thanks to Karin Goodson for her coordination with The Bronxville School— and the string of successful walk-to-school-events that she has planned— since 2009.

April 17, 2012

SAVE THE DATE: Come meet local Bronxville author Scott Goodson, at Womrath’s Bookshop (76 Pondfield Road Bronxville, 337.0199) this Saturday April 21st from 1:00- 2:30pm.  Scott will be signing copies of his new book Uprising: How to Build a Brand— and Change the World— by Sparking Cultural Movements.    Scott is the Founder and Chairman of Strawberry Frog, and a luninary in the global advertising community.  Don’t miss this exciting event on Saturday, and do feel free to spread the word to friends one and all!

March 25, 2012

With spring offically here and some house sprucing to be done, we popped down to the East Village recently to John Derian and afterward enoyed a quick lunch next door at Peels (325 Bowery, at the corner of 2nd Street).   The perfect neighborhood spot, on a beautiful day it is even better.  So do plan a fun day downtown for these upcoming spring days, and keep Peels top of mind.

March 12, 2012

I just started the (brand) newly released Uprising: How to Build a Brand– and Change The World– by Sparking Cultural Movements, by close friend, and StrawberryFrog Founder Scott Goodson.   It is a truly revolutionary snapshot into the future of oh say everything, resulting directly from the technology that has emerged in the last ten years or so, and especially the last five.  Scott captures the way communication shapes and forms collective thinking around the world, the prounced and permanent effect that is is having geopolitically— and its revolutionary effects on everything else, including the way marketers now connect, promote and advertise.   An incredibly substantive yet fast moving read, it is astonishly thought provoking and possibly vision altering.   I picked up the last copy at Womrath’s this weekend— they are re-ordering— 337.0199, or you can order on  Enjoy, and welcome to the future.

How to build a brand and change the world by sparking cultural movements

Uprising, by Scott Goodson.

March 6, 2012

We were incredibly fortunate recently to be invited to a private viewing of the Renoir exhibit at The Frick Museum.   T

February 9, 2012

As a francophile, I can’t wait to get my hands on the just released Bringing Up Bebe.  A compare and contrast between child rearing practices in France and the U.S., I have a feeling that we can learn a lot from each other.   Womrath’s in Bronxville sold out in the last two days or so, but has re-ordered so run don’t walk to pick up your own copy.  337.0199.

Special thanks to Christine Tormey for this Idea of The Day…

February 2, 2012

Le Weekend.  If you are looking for a fun night out in the city, do consider The Wren.   Located at 344 Bowery (near Great Jones), this Irish Gastropub is the perfect spot to let your hair down, enjoy some great bar food, and of course some tasty cocktails too.   The menu is very tightly edited (i.e. not lengthy) so whatever you order, the chances are excellent that something will arrive in one of their tall glass jars— prawns, chicken liver pate, even oxtail marmalade.   Also on offer: a roasted cauliflower soup with bacon broth, and steak-and-stilton-pie.    And, I must admit that this non-eating french fry person did love theirs.   Most inspiring however is the downtown location, the sleek interior and exterior design, and the warmth infused by the best and most modern of the Irish spirit.  If you are looking to brighten up your day or night during these dreary days of February, The Wren could certainly do the trick.

The exterior of The Wren.

February 1, 2012

If you have ever dreamed of taking your family on an African Safari— as I have— do take the time to learn more about Tin Trunk Safari.   Founded by Nella Nencini— a Northern Californian and former London resident who has since moved to Africa— Tin Trunk Safari offers completely personalized planning, custom fit for your own vision and priorities.   Nella puts together “bespoke” safaris in East Africa, and South Africa, and she is constantly casting wider circles to see what else is new, exciting, and possible.   Nella describes herself as a “modern mixologist who knows that special ingredient that makes a trip not just a trip”.  She will take into account the following:  ages of your children (Nella prefers kids ages 4 to 94), geographic areas of interest, time of year that you would like to visit, the kind of wildlife that you would like to see while there, and additional activites that interest you.   Horseback riding in the bush anyone?  A soulful Christmas wholey immersed in an African Community?  Nella can make it happen, and her streamlined efforts tend to create financial efficiencies as well (especially when compared to the larger more commercial operations).  “Tin Trunk Safari is about you.  It’s about creating the perfect safari experience in Africa for you, your family, your friends”.

Please also feel free to learn more about Tin Trunk Safari in this link from British Vanity Fair “A List, Who To Know”



Top Two Photos: scenes on safari with Tin Traunk Safari     Third Photo: Nella Nencini

Special thanks to Susie McCloskey for this visual and inspirational Idea of The Day…

January 25, 2012

I love this image from This is Glamorous

January 19, 2012

With one’s home on the brain this month as we collectively hunker down indoors, I came upon this fabulous wallpaper from a French company called Bartsch.  I have a downstairs powder room that could really use a life, and the croissants de lunes could add just the right splash!   To find this pattern, go to Bartsch and click on “Collections”.

January 18, 2012

We love The Goddess Box from Mrs. John L. Strong.  The gift box’s own rough hewn quality makes it the perfect home accessory (mine sits in my front center hall), or gift for a friend who you think merits the title.  The three note pads inside— Beauty, Strength & Wisdom— are sleek, simple, and I know will come in handy for quick notes wrtitten off to teachers for whatever reason in the early morning dash to school.  Form and function, and a fabulous little pick-me up during these January days.  And it’s $98 price point is money, but not completely prohibitive as a little splurge.

January 13, 2012

The Real Estate Reports link on this site has been updated…

January 12, 2012

I am excited to tell you about Jaye McLaughlin’s very successful business called “The Life in Your Years Photography”.  Based in Pelham, Jaye specializes in custom lifestyle photography and has developed strong following here— and in Manhattan.   Her results are simply spectacular and “capture those fleeting moments in our lives” in a unique and personal fashion, and a deeply authentic one at that.  Please feel free to visit her awesome blog, which showcases all of her sessions on the main page (very cool).  You can contact Jaye at or 914.636.4413.  And please also visit

Jaye, with her own beautiful 4 children.

A Hoya friend of mine, with his own wife & adorable enfants.

January 9, 2012

I plan to spend this month cleaning out, organizing, and tweeking my own home (at long last).  I have made tremendous progress already, and am ready for some new finishing touches and a fresh infusion of things.  For further inspiration, I picked up “The Perfectly Imperfect Home” by Deborah Needleman, the founding editor of my former all-time favorite magazine Domino.  I must say it delivers, and is a cheery pick-me-up (which could also make a great gift) during these dreary days of January.  You can order your own copy at Womrath’s Bookstore in Bronxville, just call 337.0199.

perfectly imperfect home cover

January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

December 5, 2011

Christmas is coming!  And the JBFC Christmas Wish List has just been published.    JBFC is an absolutely amazing organization founded by Chris Gates that is dedicated to alleviating extreme poverty throughout East Africa by building self-sustaining, holistic care campuses, which primarily serve orphaned and street girls, providing them with safe refuge, nutrition, education, healthcare, and hope for a new life.

November 24, 2011


November 20, 2011

Please visit “Featured Property” (above), a brand new link on this site!

November 3, 2011

The Pajama Program collections were a huge success!   The Bronxville School contributed greatly, thanks to Jennifer Granger’s amazing efforts.   Thank you to all who participated!

October 26, 2011

“Before you go to sleep tonight, consider this— there are over 500,000 orphaned, neglected, and underserved children in our country who will go to bed tonight without a simple, warm, and comforting pair of pajamas.  Since 2001, the Pajama Program has worked tirelessly to provide pajamas & books to children living in group homes and shelters, including over 60 shelters in Westchester alone.  The Bronxville School is partnering with the Pajama Program this week for the annual “Stuff A Bus” program.

If at all possible, please bring a pair of new pajamas— or two— and some lovely bedtime books with you to The Bronxville School tomorrow before 3:00pm.   There is a collection stand under the canopy on the Midland Avenue side of the Bronxville School.

Warm, clean pajamas help protect at risk children against night chills and harmful conditions, especially as we approach the harsh winter months.

Give a gift.  Provide a hug in the form of new pajamas plus some books— for children who feel lost and alone”.

The need is great right now, and the inventory of collected pajamas & books right now is quite low compared to the organizer’s projected collection numbers (i.e. they are far short of where they need to be right now!!!).  Even more heartbreaking is that the WAITLIST to be serviced by this critical program has literally thousands of names on it.  PLEASE HELP!!!

For more information, please contact Jennifer Granger:

Special thanks to Jennifer Granger and Suzette Sands for all of their hard work on behalf of this incredibly important “Stuff A Bus” event…

October 3, 2011

Did anyone love The New York Times’ T Living cover yesterday as much as I did?  So sharp.  Editor Pilar Viladas does it again.

September 30, 2011

Harvest Fest 2011 will take place tomorrow rain or shine at Stone Barns, and it sounds amazing.  It will feature live music, hayrides, and a Farmer’s Market extraordinaire featuring the likes of Balthazar Bakery, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Luke’s Lobster, Red Jacket Orchards, and Stone Barns produce and pastured meats.  For more information, please check out the Harvest Fest 2011  website.

Special thanks to Karen Farina for this Idea of the Day…

September 27, 2011

The Nina McLemore Fall 2011 trunk show has debuted!  Come check out her cashmere, lightweight wool, and evening silk pieces at the Bronxville home of Michelle Mayer.  Jewelry by Stephanie Albertson will also be spotlighted.   The show kicked off yesterday, and runs today 12:00-8:00pm, and again tomorrow (Wednesday 9/28) 10:00am-6:00pm.   For an appointment, please contact Michelle Mayer: or Priscilla Newman:  Please note that ten percent of the show’s sales will be donated to the Bronxville PTA!   Also, please feel free to visit the Nina McLemore website:

September 9, 2011

Time to start planning for spring!  Yes spring.  In another month, it will be time to plant the bulbs that bloom, so a little planning right now is in order.   White Flower Farm in Lichfield, Connecticut has an amazing collection of tulips, and everything else for the garden for that matter.  You can call or visit, or they will ship right to your door…

Photo courtesy of White Flower Farm.

September 7, 2011

Welcome back!!!  And happy start of school to you!!!

July 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home.   I have updated my ingredient list for the cleaning solution use to clean my house (I make it just before our cleaning team arrives and leave it for them to clean everything top to bottom).   I also use it to clean up all of the messes that my children seem to make almost constantly.

The ingredients are as follows: one bottle water, almost full (I use recycled Pellegrino bottles, and save the tops),  1/2 cup Dr. Bronner’s Magical Castille Soaps in Peppermint (,  20 drops lavender oil (can be found at your local green market), and fresh mint from the garden.    Shake.

As we sadly spend more time inside the house in the air conditioning riding out this latest heat wave— can you say Global Warming???— at least my house will smell fresh and clean, like a summer garden.

July 21, 2011

The “Real Estate Reports” link on this site has been updated…

July 19, 2011

Please visit KeepitChic to read their spotlight interview on Valerie McMurray and her suncare line Soleil Organique.

July 20, 2011

Summer is here, and it’s time to stock up on sunscreen for yourself, and your whole family.  Soleil Organique has come to your rescue, offering non-toxic carefully formulated products that are free from likely harmful chemicals.  Founded by Bronxvillian Valerie McMurray in 2009, Soleil Organique has caught the eye of important beauty editors and retailers, and will be stocked at major hotels around the world.  Luckily you can visit their website to read more about their products, view their video spotlighting their custom app, and purchase products for your own summer stocking purposes at   While you’re there, check out Valerie’s fabulous blog called Lifestyle SOphisticate, and check in daily for updates and ideas during what looks like a long hot summer ahead.

All images above courtesy of

June 17, 2011

Check out the “brass rule” by Mrs. John L. Strong on under “Gifts & Accessories”— a great gift idea for the recent graduate or maybe an original and very thoughtful hostess gift-to-be?   We also love their assorted color bookmarks.  Best of all, at $25 each for each of these smart items— maybe they could be both?

June 15, 2011

DO check out today’s spotlight on chef Caroline Jackson on KeepitChic.  As clients of Caroline’s ourselves, and members of her ever-increasing fan club— we think you will enjoy this more in-depth interview chock full of important and interesting insights.  Enjoy.

May 27, 2011

The Bronxville Farmer’s Market opens for the season tomorrow!   Do drop in on Paxton Avenue for their beautiful berries, spring produce, amazing breads, and farm fresh eggs.

Farmer’s market visual inspiration from Cannelle et Vanille.

May 10, 2011

We recently discovered the food blog Cannelle et Vanille, and love its inspirational vibe and gorgeous photography.   We were also excited to read that they have a cookbook coming out in the fall of 2012.

All photos courtesy of Cannelle et Vanille.

May 9, 2011

Inspriational spring photos from Absolutely Beautiful Things.

The photos above are both courtesy of  Absolutely Beautiful Things.

May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you!  Come see what all the fuss is about at Dobbs & Bishop (107 Pondfield Road Bronxville  Host and proprietor Kevin McNeil has all of the trimmmings on offer: homemade chips, unbelievable guacamole, delicious bean dip, and fresh salsa—all prepared by their own chef and mouthwateringly delicious.   Do drop in for a Corona, and to taste their fabulous concoctions.

April 29, 2011

Britain on the brain: I woke up at 3:30am to watch the wedding coverage with my 9 year old daughter.   We are both excited for the new Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge.  I think we might need to plan a UK visit for sometime soon.

Photo courtesy of                                                                

April 1, 2011

A little pick-me-up on this dreary day, courtesy of  This is Glamourous.

March 31, 2011

Tracey Tooker is having a trunk show at Doubles (783 Fifth Avenue) today 11:00am-4:00pm.  Do take a break from the office in a little bit to pop in to check them out!   Tracey founded her business in 1988, and since then her creations have shown up in places like the Hamptons Classic Horse Show, etc.  If you miss the trunk show today, then feel free to check out her store at 18 Mercer Street 212.966.6695, or her website

Special thanks to Pam Raviol for this Idea of The Day.

March 29, 2011 A very cool website that brings you “Le Paris de la Parisienne online”.   It provides a great lifestyle overview/resource snapshot of this city of chic, broken down into category headers titled “Daily News”, “Fashion & Beauty”, “Lifestyle”, “I Want It”, “Where to Go/What to Buy”, “Do It This Weekend”, “Address Book” and a cool blog complete with Paris Street Style photos, profiles, and news.   Interessant.

March 28, 2011

More from This is Glamourous.

“. . il n’est jamais trop tard pour être ce que tu veux être | it is never too late to be what you want to be . . .”


March 24, 2011

We just started The Social Animal by New York Times Columnist David Brooks, and look forward to spending time curled up in front of a fire with it this weekend…

March 23, 2011

We love this little girl’s dress for summer from Roberta Freymann (it comes in little girl’s sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8).   It can dress up or down, and at $60 seems like a fabulous find.

Roberta Freymann

March 22, 2011

A reminder that spring is indeed coming, from This is Glamourous.

March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!  Dobbs & Bishop has a selection of fabulous Irish cheeses on offer today, in honor of the day.  Do stop by.  Dobbs & Bishop  107 Pondfield Road  914.361.1770

March 11, 2011

We bought Origins Plantscription serum about two weeks ago, trying to turn things around after one long cold winter that wreaked havoc on the skin.   Having tried all kinds of other remedies for the past two months or so, we had all but given up hope, at which point we heard about Origins Plantscription.  It offers immediate positive effects, and after two weeks you can really see and feel the difference.   Best of all, it is free of the suspicious chemicals and preservatives that we should work so hard to avoid, and while not organic it appears to have integrity with regard to its “natural” billing.  We are so happy to have found it that we went back and stocked up by buying two more bottles.  Dieu merci pour Origins Plantscription.

March 8, 2011

We are reading La Parisienne by Ines de la Fressange (with Sophie Gachet).   It is en francais bien sur.   La Parisenne sold out all over France this fall, and we actually had to spend nearly three months on the website waitlist, before receiving it in the mail last week.    It lives up to the hype, and is a chic and easy read.   It comes out in English this spring, and is sure to be a big hit aux Etats-Unis.  So there, that should give many of us a little something to look forward to…

March 3, 2011

We are eager to get our hands on Gourmet Italian Kitchen, the second Special Edition under the Gourmet brand that quite recently launched on national newsstands.  Much of the content was mined from Gourmet magazine’s archives at Conde Nast.  Yet at the same time, it has been infused with exciting new recipes and thoughtful additions, including “kitchen tips with insider strategies from Gourmet test kitchen experts” (Ah the Gourmet test kitchen…during my own Conde Nast days I used to hear the most fabulous stories about said kitchen).

Gourmet Italian Kitchen also includes “three regionally inspired Italian menus”—plus wine pairings for each, courtesy of Belinda Chang, Wine Director at (the MOMA’s) The Modern  (one of my favorite restaurants, since its opening).

This Special Edition was edited by Catherine Kelley, Executive Editor, Content Development at Conde Nast.   Kemp Minifie, former executive food editor of Gourmet magazine, served as food editor.

Look for it at your favorite newsstand, or you can purchase Gourmet Italian Kitchen online at

Special thanks to Margot Guralnick for this Idea of The Day…

The cover of Gourmet Italian Kitchen,  provided to by Conde Nast.

 March 1, 2011

We LOVE K. Jacques sandals from St. Tropez, which we discovered today on KeepitChic (please see Preston’s “March To Do List”).  Spotlighted on KeepitChic is their Triton sandal in navy (GORGEOUS), and upon visiting their site I also loved “Columbia Nubuk”, “Coriolan 2”, and “Diane Zebra” (I think the latter would look fabulous paired with a spring trench coat as the weather warms up).  Their little girls sandals are cute too, and I am toying with purchasing “Picon” (en bleu) for my own nine year old.  As spring is just around the corner, K. Jacques was certainly an exciting discovery.   Needless to say we are huge fans of KeepitChic, and look forward to their continued reporting…

K. Jacques sandals spotlighted today on (“Triton” in navy)

February 28, 2011

Spring is coming!

February 22, 2011

Children’s Museum of the Arts: For those of you who are here during the holiday week and are looking for fun things to do with the kids— may we recommend a trip downtown to the Children’s Museum of the Arts at 182 Lafayette? (between Broome and Grand).  We brought the kids this past Saturday, and they loved the hands on activities, the intimate setting, the friendly instructors, and the gallery of children’s work on-display onsite— some of which even date back to the 1930s.  For more information, please visit

Ditch Plains (restaurant): After our museum visit, we stopped by Ditch Plains, the restaurant at 29 Bedford Street named after the Ditch Plains Surfer’s section of Montauk.   The food was really delicious (great appetizers, lobster rolls, and killer cocktails— one of which is named “Guava-Guava” and literally melts in your mouth).    They also have a fun kids menu, and their macaroni and cheese accordingly was amazing (even though I ordered the lobster roll “orderer”, I had to taste their mac and cheese of course!).  Last but not least, for dessert they make and serve their very own “Ditch-wiches”— a huge hit with ice cream sandwich fans big and small.  Ditch Plains: 29 Bedford Street 212.633.0202

 February 18, 2011

Happy Friday to you.  For tonight’s cocktail hour by the fire, can we recommend the Epoisses (cheese) from Dobbs & Bishop?  Their current Epoisses inventory is perfectly ripened.  Paired with some sliced fruit, their ficelle bread from Balthazaar, and a delicious pinot noir— we could make a meal out of it!  Yum.  Dobbs & Bishop: 107 Pondfield  914.361.1770.

February 17, 2011

“Real Estate Reports” on this website has been updated.  Please feel free to visit for three years worth of real-time activity, transactions & statistics, and my own market analysis.

 February 16, 2011

We just bought “365 Science Experiments“, which was written and tested by teachers and is cleverly illustrated to boot.   The book invites children to: “Discover the secrets of science through hundreds of experiments that will challenge and entertain you.  You will be amazed at how much you learn while having so much fun!”  The experiments look fun and straightforward and are broken down into the following categories: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology/Geography, Physics, Weather.  “365 Science Experiments” is published by Hinkler Books, and can be found at Borders.

February 15, 2011

We really enjoyed our first visit yesterday from Caroline Lee Jackson of EatFuelFood (please scroll down below for my January 13 post spotlighting EatFuelFood). I am so thrilled with the results of this first visit that I feel like we have turned over a new leaf— for a new year—  of eating well in my house.  Caroline tailored a one week menu according to my family’s individual food preferences, and whipped up a healthy and delicious series of dinners for us in my kitchen in the span of an hour or two.  Now, I don’t have to worry about dinner for the rest of the week!  Caroline prepared the following:

Pan roasted salmon with wild mushrooms and wild rice

Homemade veggie burgers with a side of cucumber salad

Vegetable stir fry (with marinated chicken on the side) and rice noodles

Best of all, Caroline orders everything through Fresh Direct, and has it waiting for her at your house when she arrives.

All three meals were sitting in my refrigerator yesterday when I returned home from work.   It was so exciting to be able to pick what we wanted for dinner last night— and just heat and serve.  We went with the salmon for last night’s dinner— which was delicious.   But I must admit to tasting a couple of bites of the veggie burgers (tonight’s dinner), which were seriously out of this world.   We can’t wait to see next week’s menu.  Best of all, the efficiencies that I highlighted in my earlier post indeed played out.   Caroline ordered the week’s worth of food from Fresh Direct, for a grand total of  $94.60.  Combined with Caroline’s fee, I am still decidely (way?) ahead with regard to my weekly grocery bills (for dinners) for my family of five.   Best of all, our family meals are suddenly much more healthful and exciting (just don’t tell 4, 6, and 9 year old that any of this is good for them) — and they all have Caroline’s uniquely talented and supremely thoughtful imprint.   Caroline is developing a growing list of very happy clients in Bronxville, who feel collectively very lucky to have discovered her.

To learn more about Caroline’s company, please visit:

February 14, 2011

We are loving Everyday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style by Kate Betts.  “…style is much more than an an aesthetic choice or political tool; it is the expression of one’s life, one’s way of being.  Style is who we are.  It speaks to what we would like to be and what we inescapably are.  It registers both the persona and the person.  The slightest stylistic gesture can reveal a wealth of information about not only someone’s essence but also her aspirations.  Often a person’s style is the only thing that reveals the secret aspects of the self”.   Bett’s also registers the French belief that “style is substance, and that a lack of style could signal a deficit of substance”.    No matter, Michelle Obama— and this book about her— are the embodiment of the concept.

February 9, 2011

J. Pocker. We love this pair of geometric giclees, with their clean but bold statement making quality.   They are on offer at J.Pocker’s Bronxville store right now.  Each one measures 31×25″, and with a fabulous custom silver frame they are $560 for one— or $1,120 for the pair (which measures “31×50”).   In my opinion, they would add fabulous flair to any space which is important, since we collectively seem to spend so much time hunkered down inside these days.   J. Pocker describes them as “evoking a vintage reference to minimalism using texture and shape organic yet urban, mixing well with any decor”.  Well put.  And what a possibly brilliant Valentine’s Day gift?  For more information, please contact Leba Wise at 914.337.7100.   or To learn more about J. Pocker, please visit

Geometric giclees at J. Pocker, Bronxville
February 8, 2011

Continuing on our Parisian theme… spotlights the best of Paris now, from their own unique perspective.  The blog’s headers include: “Arts”, “Design”, “Events”, “Food”, “Green”, “Homes”, “Shopping”, “Travel”, and our favorite “Parisian Living”. Under these, you will find published pieces with titles like “A Day in the Marais”, “Paris Foods You Must Eat”, “Atelier 7: A New Private Gallery in Picasso’s Old Pad”, and “Paris’ Secret Supper Club” (a spotlight on Paris’ in-the-know-spot-Hidden Kitchen).  Even reading a restaurant review or a menu feels like being there— for a moment.

A scene from, “Merce and the Muse, Paris Eatery Marais”.


A scene from, “Paris’ Secret Supper Club” (spotlighting Hidden Kitchen

February 7, 2011

We love,  a “multi-discipline creative studio” owned by Evan and Nichole Robertson—spotlighting their own Photo Collections and Illustrations.   Evan and Nichole wander around Paris to “record” their discoveries, and “curate” what they see.   Everything is themed, for example “Paris in Blue” (or yellow, or red, or green, etc.) “Markets”, “Tuileries”, etc .

Just the visual pick-me-up that we all need during these dreary days of winter, visiting their site is like taking a momentary trip to the city of light.

Special thanks to Karen Farina for this “Idea of The Day”.

February 2, 2010

Happy ICE day to you.   The kids are home from school again (natch) so they are playing outside right now— sliding around in the ice and rain.  I have decided not to venture anywhere today, so instead I am sitting ordering my upcoming weekend-ski-getaway groceries right now on Fresh Direct.  I will be happy when my order arrives on Friday, and I just pack everything in the car and go.  Check!


February 1, 2011

We can’t wait to get our hands on former Vogue Editor Kate Betts’ “Everyday Icons: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style“, to be published this week.   We plan to bring it with us to Vermont, and sit with it by the fire…  It will be available at Womraths beginning Tuesday, February 8 (337.0199) or on Amazon.  Enjoy.

January 31. 2011

We just started “Reading Jackie, Her Autobiography in Books“.  It is much substantive than we would have thought, and so far is quite an enjoyable read…

January 28, 2011

Wrapping up our DC theme…  Georgetown Cupcake.  I have been a huge fan since Katherine Kallinis and Sophie LaMontagne opened Georgetown Cupcake on February 14, 2008.  The line to purchase is literally always around the block.  They outgrew their first tiny storefront space on Potomac Street after a year and a half, and moved to bigger digs at 3301 M Street (at 33rd Street) about a year ago.   Since I go down to DC about once a month for meetings, I always stop by to purchase when the line is not crazy crazy long as the kids (mine) and adults I know (everyone else) are wild about them (Magnolia fans beware, these people win hands down and will make you look like imposters).  The DC secret is out however since the founders have been local media stars from the beginning, and pretty quickly entered the national stage a few months after opening by appearing on the Martha Stewart spotlighting their election day themed “Democrat” and “Republican” cupcakes.  They also just appeared on Oprah about 3 weeks ago, and last but not least they now have their own show on TLC called DC Cupcakes.   Until now, only local residents have been able to request delivery straight to their homes.  But Georgetown Cupcake now offers next-day delivery to those who order by noon the previous day.   They offer many delicious flavors like “chocolate banana”, “red velvet” and “salted caramel”— but in my opinion nothing hits the spot better than “chocolate & vanilla” with a cup of tea, on a cold winter’s night.

January 27, 2011

We had to swing down to Washington DC for a few days of meetings at Georgetown U.  Feeling inspired by my surroundings (and to answer the question “What did you bring me from your trip?”) I picked up a copy of “So You Want To Be President?” by Judith St. George and David Small for my kids.  They will love it, and the oldest can read it to the youngest.  Filled with backround color and fun facts i.e. “did you know that even the President has a lot of homework every day?” , statistics like “we have had six Presidents named James, and four named William” plus the tallest (Abraham Lincoln) the heaviest (William Howard Taft  at 300+ pounds) and much much more, this book is sure to be a hit with my three children.  A great gift idea with the upcoming President’s Day Weekend in mind, you can order it on

January 26, 2011

In anticipation of tomorrow’s storm, your 3-4 year old will hopefully like the following story as much as mine does: “There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow” by Lucille Colandro and Jared Lee…

January 25, 2011

Bronxville Resident Cindy Bothwell has an exciting new business called What’s For Dessert? Her spring menu includes cakes like triple chocolate mousse cake (yum), special occasion cakes consisting of white or chocolate cake with fillings like buttercream/chocolate buttercream/”fluffy white”/or whipped cream frosting.  And last but not least, she also offers muffins and breads: her blueberry muffins and banana chocolate bread sound particularly delicious.  A great idea for your next dinner party, or perhaps something special to bring to a morning meeting?  To request a menu, or to place an order, please contact Cindy Bothwell at or 914.672.6108.

 January 24, 2011

We just finished Amy Chua’s “Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother” (see below from January 18).  OMG.  OMG.  OMG.

January 21, 2011

Le Weekend.  We are lucky to live close to many great weekend getaway spots.   Stratton Vermont is a great one, just three and a half hours away north of  Bronxville.  They have great ski programs for kids (and childcare for the younger ones), a wonderful spa, fun restaurants— and great nighttime activities like ice skating, tube sledding, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.   We love it up there and visit frequently.  For more information, please visit

January 20, 2011

We look forward to reading “Crazy Sexy Diet” by Kris Carr, which “teaches readers to program their bodies to eat the right things” and focuses on fresh, organic, raw and healthy.  Published  this week and already sold out on— we hope to find it somewhere soon, since it sounds like such a valuable and interesting read…

Special thanks to Jenn Russo for this “Idea of The Day”…

January 19, 2011

“Got Caviar?” Dobbs & Bishop has a really nice selection for caviar connoisseurs.   107 Pondfield Road. 914.361.1770.

January 18, 2011

We just started “Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother” (aka “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”) by Amy Chua.  It is gripping all right— and deeply disturbing at times, but a real page turner.    This new release is causing a furror in certain parenting circles, and in the media at large.   The Wall Street Journal ran a piece last Thursday, and it was covered in this past Sunday’s New York Times Style section.  But it is today’s NYT editorial by David Brooks that I think hits it out of the park and provides a fascinating— and blessedly refreshing— persepective/counter argument to Amy Chua’s at-times-extreme-and-very self-assured preachings.

Here is David Brooks’ column from today’s New York Times:

January 17, 2011

In honor of the Martin Luther King holiday, we think you child will like “Who is Martin Luther King?” from the larger biography spotlight series.  If they are old enough to read it to themselves, wonderful.  But you can also read it to the little ones at bedtime— for full family enjoyment.  You can find “Who is Martin Luther King?” at Womrath’s Bookstore in Bronxville (337.0199) or on

January 13, 2011 Attention Bronxville & Manhattan Residents: Caroline Lee Jackson’s business is so successful that she is now going full time (Caroline is Jennifer Alfano’s sister— and she recently left the restaurant GOOD in the West Village to do this, so their loss is our collective gain1).  “Food by design to fuel your life”.   You too can experience what it like to have a top (and nutritionally minded) chef shop for you and prepare thoughtful meals for you and your family— in your own home.

Fuel provides meals that are “fresh, healthy, light and local” offering a variety of menus made according to your taste and food preferences.    Best of all, Caroline will do everything for you.  She plans the menu for the week, and once you have approved it she does all of the shopping on Fresh Direct, using your account to place the order and coordinate delivery from them.    Caroline then shows up in your kitchen, and makes magic happen.

Fuel began in September 2007, when Caroline’s personal trainer mentioned that one of his other clients wanted to lose weight and was looking for a personal chef.  Caroline scheduled a consultation with his client, and a new and exciting business was born.

Caroline works with numerous clients in Manhattan, but also has a number of clients in Bronxville, who rave about her.  I plan to get in on the action in 2011, and am very excited about it!  Best of all, one of Caroline’s clients told me that since there are so many efficiencies created in the process, working with eatfuelfood can actually be less costly than going to the grocery store and doing it on your own.  Since Caroline plans the week’s menu in advance, she knows which ingredients she needs and works them into the larger menu for the week— ordering very thoughtfully.  Client’s swear that the results of her expert shopping on Fresh Direct combined with the cost of  her services— add up to less than the total of their former weekly grocery bills from shopping at a local grocery store and cooking themselves.

Caroline’s services are worth their weight in gold and appeal to so many working mothers, and how about new mothers who have just had a baby? (instead of a meal train— what about organizing friends to enlist Fuel for 8-12 weeks…we really can’t think of a better gift!).

For more information, or to learn more about Caroline Lee Jackson, please visit or call 212.920.1997

January 12, 2011

Enjoy the snow day!  And perhaps make some s’mores around the fire with the kids?

January 7, 2011

Learn so much more about the foods that you are eating, and search for the products that you desire for you and your young family…

January 6, 2011 A British-based site devoted to very cool in the way of modern home furnishings, often ecologically minded.  Their offerings are special and unique.  Do feel free to shop now, as they are in danger of losing their funding.  We do not want that to happen, so keeping them solvent would be a good thing!

January 5, 2011

DOBBS & BISHOP Teas from Steven Smith Teamaker.  May we recommend “No. 55 Lord Bergamot”?  A full leaf black tea, it hits the spot and takes the edge off these seemingly awfully chilly days of late.  Stop by Dobbs & Bishop (107 Pondfield Road Bronxville 914.361.1771) to pick up this particular blend, but they also offer other blends which include “Brahmin” and “Fez” which are showcased just inside the front door of the store, complete with a tasting pot (brilliant marketers that they are— Ruth and Kevin, the store’s proprietors).  At $12.99 a box, we think it offers the best antidote to oh so many things, and at the very least it will offer you the pick me up we all need during these dog days of January.

January 4, 2011

Bergdorf Goodman is launching a shoe collection in February called Aperlai (there is actually an umlaut on the i, but we are technically challenged and can’t figure out how to add it).  I am excited to purchase their “Louise” moccasin pictured below.  They are a variation on a standard favorite, the best in good form and function— and will be great for running around to work appointments, school pick up, weekend lunch, and everything else.

Photo thanks to

January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

December 21, 2010

For that last minute holiday lunch or dinner with a friend, Morrell Wine Bar in Rockefeller Center.  Come in from the cold, and enjoy cocktails and light bites at the busy bar while taking in the amazing view.  Morrell Wine Bar One Rockefeller Plaza  212.262.7700

December 17, 2010

If you are looking for last minute gifts for children of all ages (2-92), you can adopt an animal through the World Wildlife Fund.   Choose from a remarkable number of animal species, make a donation, and they will send you an adoption certificate and  gift wrapped stuffed animal in its likeness in return.  Tigers, polar bears, pandas, sea turtles, snow leopards, pygmy elephants, emperor penguins— collect them all!

December 16, 2010

Please pick up a couple of letters to Santa that are sitting in the window at the UPS Store in Bronxville (81 Pondfield Road), or wherever you live.  Christmas is coming!  And as a real sign of the economy, these letters have arrived at post offices across the country in record numbers this year…

December 15, 2010

For last minute Christmas cards, “The Freshest Designs on Paper” (we think they are right!), plus cool wrap around return address labels too.  There is still time to place your order to arrive in time for Christmas, but hurry!

 December 14, 2010, brought to you by Kidville (a spot that many of  you know and love!). offers the inside track to the best spa services, restaurant deals, fashion, accessories and more.  Their special offers don’t last forever though— so jump in quickly if you see something you like.

Today’s offer from Edit New York is incredibly exciting, is only in effect for today— and closes at midnight tonight West Coast time.  Edit New York is a sprawling two-story townhouse boutique on Manhattan’s Upper East Side that carries the likes of Proenza Schouler, Derek Lam, and Phillip Lim.   They are offering a special “group buy” discount for today and today only on, just in time to spice up your holiday wardrobe.  Please see below, and enjoy! Edit New York

Special thanks to Rammy Harwood for this Idea of The Day.

December 13, 2010

A different interpretation of holiday treats.  Photo courtesy of This is Glamorous

December 12, 2010

DO visit Lieb’s Nursery & Garden Center in New Rochelle to pick out your Christmast tree.   Leonard Pouder (President of Lieb’s) and his team will then deliver your carefully selected tree to your house and set it up in your living room for a small additional fee.  It is worth every penny.   Your kids will love visiting Leib’s for a long list of reasons, especially since Leonard sets up a small farm of baby animals on site at this time of year, a fun additional attraction that adds to the overall festive spirit of the visit.  And come spring, Leonard does beautiful work with regard to landscaping and planting on both a large and smaller scale.  Leib’s Nursery (Established 1910) 1 Askins Place  New Rochelle  914.632.5599

December 10, 2010

La Bonne Soupe.  If you are in the city taking in the holiday sights or doing your shopping, La Bonne Soupe is a great place for a quick lunch or dinner.  It has had a major facelift since my days in Bergdorf’s Fashion & PR office when we would stop in, but the same great favorites are still there: the fondue, authentic crepes, and the onion soup bien sur.  Their vin de la maison selections are delicious, and change frequently.   And the chocolate mousse for dessert hits the spot.   The place is always packed, but ask to sit in the front downstairs or upstairs.  La Bonne Soupe: 48 W. 55th Street (between 5th & 6th).  212.586.7650

 December 9, 2010

We just ordered La Parisienne by Ines de la Fressange.  France’s Ines de la Fressange has long been acknowledged by the global fashion community and worldwide conoscienti as une muse extraordinaire.    Ines was even voted the most stylish woman in all of France, beating out First Lady Carla Bruni no less no-slouch-she, about a year and a half ago (only en France could such a competition exist).  The book is sold out pretty much all over France, including at Colette in Paris and  After reading about it in French Vogue, we finally tracked it down on FNAC France  (thank you Google).  We can’t wait to sit by the fire in Vermont over Christmas break, to devour it cover-to-cover en francais.  The book comes out in English ici aux etats-unis this April 2011 on (you can place your advanced order for it right now).

December 8, 2010

Last night we attended “Leonardo’s Last Supper: A Vision by Peter Greenaway” at the Park Avenue Armory— which has in the past three years begun to transform itself (successfully we think) into “an unconventional arts center”.  The presentation was a bit bizarre, but very cool-ly so.  I will quote from the formal description of the event to properly describe it.  “Visionary artist and filmmaker Peter Greenaway brings new insight into one of the world’s most celebrated masterpieces in his multimedia reverie of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper.  Set within a full-scale replica of the dome of Refectory of Santa Maria Delle Grazie in Milan, the home of the original painting, a meticulously detailed facsimlie of The Last Supper is brought to life through Greenaway’s ingenious manipulation of light, sound, and theatrical illusion”.

I liked it so much that I plan to bring my 8 year old daughter to see it tomorrow night.  The exhibit/show just opened, and runs through January 6, 2011 and plays every hour on the hour 11am-8pm 6 days a week— so it would be a great event to bring kids say ages 6-and-over to see during the upcoming holiday school vacation.   Please see below for a photo from “Leonardo’s Last Supper: A Vision by Peter Greenaway”. For tickets please call the Park Avenue Armory at 212.933.5812  or visit


December 7, 2010

“When women move forward, the world moves with them”.

The Center for Development and Population Activites (CEDPA) has spent the past 35 years delivering its innovative programs to educate and empower women and girls around the world— turning them into leaders in their communities, who in turn pass their skills on to others to achieve widespread and pronounced change.   CEDPA’s main areas of focus are gender equality, reproductive health, education, advocacy and governance, and leadership skills.

Per their website, they work “hand-in-hand with women leaders, local partners, and national and international organizations to give women the tools they need to improve their lives, families, and communities”.  Through its international training program, CEDPA has trained more than 5, 200 women, men and children & adolescents “who are now leading change for women and girls from Albania to Zambia.  These alumni reinvest the skills they gained in CEDPA workshops through their work to deliver health services, improve education programs, advocate policy reform and lead their nations.  CEDPA’s headquarters are now in Washington DC, India, Nepal, Nigeria, and South Africa”.

As the holidays approach, please consider making a gift— in your own name or anyone else’s—  to this innovative and growing organization doing such important work around the world.  To learn more about CEDPA, and/or to make a gift, please visit:

Special thanks to Kathy Baczko for this “Idea of The Day”.

December 3, 2010

Letters to Santa: Please stop by the UPS Store at 81 Pondfield Road in Bronxville, and ask “Michelle” who owns the store for a letter or two to Santa.  It will take a Village to get through the pile of letters from hopeful children.

December 1, 2010

If you are looking for absolutely amazing holiday gift ideas, and would like to teach your children the real meaning of Christmas at the same time, please take the time to learn more about The Janada L. Batchelor Foundation for Children (JBFC) in Tanzania, East Africa.  USA contact 918.706.2268

Tanzania, East Africa is one of the most poverty stricken areas in the world, where untold numbers have been forced to live on the streets and face unspeakable tragedy.  Chris Gates, nephew of Bronxville residents Margaret and Andy Paul, has built the JBFC literally and figuratively from the ground up.

Today it supports and educates hundreds of orphaned and abandoned girls and serves as a full-time home for many of them.  Chris has built dormitories, a school, farms, and has plans for a hospital which would take care of the JBFC girls, and the local community— all in dire need of formal medical care.  Chris’ great hope is that this first campus that he has built— and the others that he hopes will follow— will be 1) self-sustaining  2) provide a family environment for the children 3) serve as a model for additional schools to come.

(To read the full story of The JBFC, please scroll ALL the way down below to the November 12, 2009  (one year ago) “Idea of The Day” on this same link).

The JBFC has its own Christmas Wish List, targeted to their immediate 2011 needs.   Last Christmas as a family, we purchased an acre of land upon which Chris Gates will someday soon build a dormitory and/or a school building. Remarkable.  My 8, 6, and 4 year old children have each added one item from the list below to their own respective Christmas lists for this year, and all of them are excited about the prospect of making a prounced and immediate difference in the life of another child a world away.   My 8 year old recently met Chris Gates when he came to speak at The Bronxville School, and she is really focused about doing her part to help.  No doubt your children will feel the same way.

“The JBFC 2011 Wish List”

* A Classroom re-model (to include ceiling boards, tiles, and windows): $3,000

* The Barnload: 2 milk cows, 10 ducks, 3 sheep:  $1,000

* One milk cow: $400

* One student desk: $25

* A set of classroom books: $300

* A set of clinic shelves: $350

* Mosquito nets for a family of 5: $35

* Electronic tools: $240

* Running shoes for 10 girls: $100

* A set of dormitory cubbies for girls: $100

* Sponsor a child for 1 year: $600

* Sponsor a child for 1 month: $50

Merry Christmas to all.

Very special thanks to Susie McCloskey for this Idea of The Day.

  November 28, 2010

Now that we are officially in the holiday season, White Flower Farm can help you with your holiday house decorating.  “Plantsmen Since 1950”, White Flower Farm is based in Litchfield Connecticut and is the go-to source for those in the know.  They offer fresh wreaths and Christmas trees (they ship!), as well as a gorgeous selection of paperwhites, amaryllis, and a selection of great gifts too.  You can drop in, or order online.  I just ordered their “Juniper Halo Wreath” for my front door.  This item is new this year, and is a sharp looking addition to their well-edited collection.

Juniper Halo Wreath

The “Juniper Halo Wreath” from White Flower Farm.

November 24, 2010

Of Thee I Sing: A Letter To My Daughters, by Barack Obama.   This book was written by Barack Obama before he became President.   The book is beautifully illustrated, and the story itself provides a wonderful overview of important American figures and the contributions they made to our country.   The content hits many exciting highlights, could open up some interesting conversations with children— and will hopefully spark a desire in young readers to learn more about any and/or all of the extraordinary figures that President Obama writes about.  A quick read, and a meaningful one— Of Thee I Sing: A Letter To My Daughters will make an excellent gift for children, and their parents too.  You can find it at Womrath’s Bookstore in Bronxville, or on

November 17, 2010

I love this house…courtesy of

November 17, 2010

SAVE THE DATE and get ready to shop at The Reformed Church Nursery School’s Shop After You Drop Holiday Boutique.  Friday December 3, 9:00am-4:00pm  6 Kraft Avenue, Bronxville.

November 16, 2010

Christmas is coming!  Time to start making your lists…  Photo above from This  is Glamorous.

 November 15, 2010

As we head into the cold weather season, thoughts of  how to keep the kiddies contructively occupied inside come to mind.   The McGraw-Hill Big Book of Science Activities: Fun and Easy seems to offer exciting promise, so we just ordered it online from  The book descriptions says that it only uses “easy to find materials like bottle caps and liquid detergent” and promises that each experiment takes less than 30 minutes.  We look forward to testing it out!

November 12, 2010

Balineum.  This British home accessories company offers many great products, but we particulary like their shower curtains.   Our favorites include the “Tamsin” shower curtain, and the “Catherine” (pictured below).   All of their shower curtains are made of cotton and linen, and have a fresh clean feel to them.

Catherine Shower Curtain

November 10, 2010

Whose Game Is It, Anyway?” by Richard Ginsberg, Ph.D., Stephen Durant, Ed.D. with Amy Baltzell, Ed.D. I think Cal Ripkin, Jr’s thoughts on the book (from the book jacket), say it all… “ invaluable tool to help guide us through the challenges that face parents and young athletes today”.   Or, basketball legend Bill Walton’s thoughts: “These guys get it right”.  To put it another way, stop the madness.

Dr. Ginsberg visited The Bronxville School last week, and spent the day talking to high school student athletes and coaches.  He was also the special guest at an informal evening talk for parents, sponsored by the Bronxville PTA Health and Wellness Committee.   Dr. Ginsberg’s thoughts were incredibly insightful, in a straightforward common sense approach.  His bottom line is if parents focus on having their children play sports first and foremost to build character and foster moral development, the rest will follow and these same kids will play up to the best of their ability.   He also feels that—especially in the early years— children should be children and not treated as “mini-adults”.     Dr. Ginsberg feels that many children today are overscheduled, overburdened, and under pressure to perform— in stark contrast to a generation ago when children had much more freedom and plenty of unstructured time.   Dr. Ginsberg also stresses the dangers of “early specialization”, i.e. focusing on one sport too early in a young child’s development.  He prefers to not have  children specialize until at least the age of 12 for a long list of reasons— unnecessary pressure, the strong possibility of early injuries, and of course risk of burnout.  He feels that parents often ignore these dangers, in the name of instant gratification and instant glory for their child (and perhaps themselves?).

You may or may not agree with his thoughts, but you will no doubt respect his credentials.  A former high school and college athlete, and a former high school lacrosse coach, Dr. Ginsberg is a faculty member at Harvard Medical School and a director of the Massachussetss General Hospital Sports Sports Psychology Program and the Performance and Character Excellence in Sports (PACES) Institute.  He also acts as a consultant for the Harvard College Athletic Department, counseling athletes in a one-on-one fashion.  And oh yes, he is the father of two small children himself— so he practices what he preaches.

Dr. Ginsberg’s seminar was open to all parents of Bronxville School students K-12.   We certainly hope that he is able to come back to Bronxville for another visit, but in the mean time I am half way through his book— and recommend it to you as the next best thing.  “Whose Game Is It, Anyway?” is available for purchase at Womrath’s Bookstore in Bronxville (337.0199) or on

November 5, 2010

Travel + Leisure is now on the iPad!   Travel +  Leisure is offering a free Holiday Edition that you can download at, through the App Storeor You will find the best of the print magazine, with fabulous iPad extras.  Video, audio, maps, booking and buying links, and all kinds of other surprises.   Some of the new features include: Actor-writer-director Andrew McCarthy’s walking tour of 42nd Street, Tom Beller’s New Orleans, Bruce Schoenfeld’s audio wine reviews, and Bronxville’s very own Kim Wetty of Valerie Wilson Travel whose Holiday Travel Tip on Vieques offers great thoughts on family travel…she can get you there— or anywhere else for that matter!

Special thanks to Jen Barr for this “Idea of The Day”…

November 4, 2010

On this gray rainy day, indulge in a colorful pick-me-up and an inpirational visual journey on





All photos above are from

November 3, 2010

“Style is a reflection of who we are, where we come from, and what we have experienced— the good, the bad, and the indifferent.  It is what makes us into the unique beings that we are”.  Fashion designer Rebecca Moses

November 2, 2010

LeftoverLuxuries. “Someone’s leftovers are another person’s luxury.  Changing the way we buy, sell and get the things we really want”.  LeftoverLuxuries holds targeted event sales, which showcase their finely edited collections which will spotlight furniture and home accessories— as well as select designer and vintage items to include: clothing, handbags, shoes,  jewelry,etc.

We love the efficiencies this creates for all of us as we get organized for the holidays, in our homes and in our closets.  And the inherent green-ness of this business also adds to its overall appeal.

For more information— to become a consignor, or to shop their upcoming events— please visit  You can also email Pelham resident Jenny Masters at with questions or to request further information.

Special thanks to Susie McCloskey for this Idea of The Day…

November 1, 2010

We love Valerie McMurray’s new blog “The Lifestyle SOphisticate” spotlighting important thoughts on skincare, and her Soleil Organique sun care collection “S.O.”.   The blog was just launched at the end of last week, and is refreshingly original and clever in its perspective.  Last but not least a touch of glamour is woven throughout its musings, making  “The Lifestyle SOphisticate”  the perfect combination of style & substance.   We look forward to reading all of its future postings.    The Lifestyle SOphisticate.

 October 29, 2010

Move away from dry-cleaning, and other poisonous processes, and into the world of  With a focus on the non-toxic and instead on quality of life— the co-founders of have managed fashion their own fabulous universe,  one which revolves around laundry and cleaning.  You can post your own laundry dilemmas on their site, and they will get back to you with solutions and insight.  You can also visit their blog— or shop their collection of cleaning products, monogrammed laundry and storage bags, gifts, and baby products.  Last but very not least, they offer “Sweater Service”.  Sign up online, and mail them your sweater (to an address on West 30th Street).  For $36, they will treat any stains, hand-wash it, and mail it back to you looking and smelling fresh and wonderful.

October 28, 2010

The Bronxville Halloween Parade is tomorrow!!!  Please plan to meet at The Bronxville School (Pondfield Road “flagpole” entrance) just before 4:00pm.  The Halloween Parade kicks off at the exact gong of 4:00 (lead by The Bronxville Police), and wraps up again at the Midland Avenue side of The Bronxville School.  Inside the school you will find The Haunted House— organized by The Bronxville high school students “for the little kids”— and other fun activities.  Please plan to proceed immediately afterward to the Village stores and restaurants with your children to “trick or treat” in a preliminary round-one fashion (round two being Sunday night, as in Halloween)— as the merchants will be waiting tomorrow to greet your children with candy. And it is too cute to witness first-hand how excited they— as in the merchants and the children—  are about oh say the entire afternoon event.  It really does take a Village to raise a child, and on this day (every year) you will come to see for yourself just how true this is in Bronxville.

October 27, 2010

My new favorite quote comes from the legendary Parisian interior designer Andree Putman (nee 1925).  She says: “Unless you have a feeling for that secret knowledge that modest things can be more beautiful than anything expensive, you will never have true style”.

October 26, 2010

Bronxville resident Laura Villani is launching a nut-free bakery.  Everything will be all-natural, peanut-free, and tree nut and seed free— and can also be made with organic ingredients. The following are on offer as part of this launch: cupcakes, mini-cupcakes (chocolate, vanilla, carrot, red velvet, lemon drop), apple snack cake, pumpkin bread, banana bread, banana bread with chocolate chips, lemon bread, granola bars, blondies, brownies, birthday cakes, cookies, and a selection of teacher’s gifts.   There is no website yet for the company, but all inquiries and orders can go to

Editor’s note on 10/27/10: We just tried their chocolate chip cookies, and they are absolutely amazing

October 25, 2010

GoodGuide A free app for your iPhone.   It allows you to use your iPhone in-store while shopping for groceries and other edible products.  The phone camera scans the bar code of the product, and GoodGuide provides you with instant analysis from the standpoint of nutrition and environmental sustainability and desirability (i.e. the products that get the highest ratings are the best both for you, and the planet).  We think the app represents really smart thinking and a brilliant use of technology, and we are grateful to Karin Goodson for telling us about it!!!

October 20, 2010

SAVE THE DATE: Joanne Leopold and Ingrid Gibbons invite you to cocktails and shopping  for Grommets Design.   They have sourced and edited the best of the best— gifts, furniture, artwork, etc.   Thursday November 7 4pm-10pm, 7 Edgewood Lane, Bronxville.  Additional dates: Friday, November 19, 9am-6pm and by appointmnet November 22-December 24.  For more information, please email Joanne Leopold:

October 19, 2010

Pia’s Blog.  An international stylist and photographer who specializes in interiors, still life, and food— whose work has appeared in print publications including (British) Vogue Entertaining & Travel, and Real Simple.  When you visit, click on the “About Pia” and “Paris” links.   Last but not least, Pia’s Blog was featured on TimesOnline, The (British) Sunday Times’ list of the 50 world’s best design blogs.

October 18, 2010

It always gives me a lift to visit “This is Glamorous”. It is always just what I need to brighten my day.

October 11, 2010

The November issue of Food & Wine will spotlight “40 Big Thinkers 40 & Under”.  According to Food & Wine: “These 40 up-and-comers— all 40 or younger— are changing the way Americans eat and drink, from a vodka distiller who rewrote Nebraska’s Prohibition-era laws to a White House chef who’s fiercely fighting to improve school-lunch programs”.  On the list you will find 1)  Amanda Hesser: always one of my personal favorites from my New York Times days 2) Sam Kass: a White House Foold-Policy Adviser who went from being the Obama family’s chef to a brand new role— remarkably that of you know: chef, gardener, educator, and policy adviser. 3) Annemarie Ahern: a 29 year old who started her own cooking school on the coast of Maine called Salt Water Farm— designed to teach new cooks to move from farm to table, and have fun at it. 4) Anthony Myint and Danny Bowien.  They founded Mission Street Food in San Francisco, with the goal of raising money for good causes.  In their first year they were able to donate more than $20,000 to a local food bank.  Very cool to put it mildly.   These are just some of their stories, and I look forward to reading about all of them in great detail in November’s Food & Wine.  In the meantime, there is also a write-up about the upcoming issue in

Special thanks to Katherine Calvert for this Idea of the Day.

October 6, 2010

May I recommend a visit to The MOMA (53rd Street between 5th & 6th)?   We brought our three children to see the Matisse exhibit last Saturday.  While taking in Matisse on the 6th floor of the museum, we kept hearing blood curdling screams echo through-out the entire museum.    Who knew that there is an instillation on the 2nd floor that consists of  a large, lone standing microphone in a gigantic and otherwise nearly empty room.  Museum visitors can scream as loudly as they would like into the microphone, and be heard on all 6 floors.  This was of course the greatest thing my 8, 6, and 3 year old have ever heard of (and they can’t stop telling their friends about this opportunity at The MOMA).  Dinner afterward at Serafina on 61st between Park & Madison is a great way to wrap up a fun family day.  Serafina is child friendly, yet its prime location still offers “a whisper of UES chic” (thank you Katherine Calvert for the fabulously descriptive language re: Serafina).

October 5, 2010

Breakfast, Lunch, Tea: The Many Little Meals of Rose Bakery by Rose Carrarini.  I lived in Paris right out of college, around the corner from the spot where Rose Carrarini opened Rose Bakery years later.   As the cold weather sets in, the dishes highlighted in Breakfast, Lunch, Tea are certainly inspiring, and the photo visuals offer a personal— and glamourously edgy— glimpse of daily life in Paris.  Published by Phaidon, you can purchase Breakfast, Lunch, Tea on

October 1, 2010

Dobbs & Bishop has the most delicious domestic cheese called “Green Field”.  It melts in your mouth, has a bite to it, and is worth paying paying a bit of a premuim for as it will make your evening cocktail hour.  Ask Kevin McNeill for a taste of it the next time you visit his cheese store Dobbs & Bishop in Bronxville.  Bon Weekend.  Dobbs & Bishop 107 Pondfield Road 914.361.1771

September 30, 2010

SPA MONTH!!!!!!!!!  Village Day Spa owner, Mila, has declared October “Spa Month”, and has custom created a selection of special treatments— and corresponding prices— that will seem too good to be true.   It is sort of like Manhattan’s “Restaurant Week”— with coveted menu items at pronounced below-market prices—  but much more relaxing?  Below please find the menu on offer:

45 Minute Village Day Spa signature massage: $50

45 minute Pumpkin Masque Facial: $50

45 Minute Papaya Scrub: $50

PLUS Mila is offering a free Aqua foot detox as an add-on to any 90 minute massage, and a free eyebrow wax with any one-hour/one-hour-plus facial.

I just called Village Day Spa and booked four appointments for myself.  Since business at the Spa is brisk year-round — and last minute appointments can be hard to land under normal circumstances— I would book-in immediately to take advantage of these October prices and offerings.   And DO mention that you read about this offer on

Village Day Spa 45 Kraft Avenue  Bronxville 914.337.7727

September 28, 2010

Crew Cuts has brought back Levi’s jeans for kids, thank goodness.  I used to have to order online for my kids and guess at the sizes from the seemingly random measurements provided, but JCrew has figured it all out for us.  They have somehow translated Levi’s sizing system into jeans sized by age for kids— I bought size a size 7 for my 8 year old daughter, and sizes 6 and 3 for my sons who are those ages respectively.    The jeans are housed in the boys section, but are long and skinny enough for girls.  They are certainly not cheap at $68 a pair, but  I plan to shorten and lengthen the boys pairs over the years, and the older ones can of course hand down to siblings (and then friends), minimizing the cost per wear— and adding the desired well-worn effect to boot.  The jeans can also be ordered online, in the “Kids” section.

September 27, 2010

Many people I speak with all feel that their iPhone and/or blackberry calendars are just not cutting it from a scheduling standpoint.   I feel the same way.  Many people I know are returning to using an old fashioned calendar/agenda book— in other words, they are making a return from digital to print.  Kensington Paper in Bronxville has a 2010-2011 “Mom Agenda” on offer that does the trick.  The calendar  begins with the school year, and offers much more helpful information along the way.  The title of the agenda is corny, but the product does the trick.  $40 at Kensington Paper.  914.793.2619

September 24, 2010

As the cool weather arrives, and thoughts return to home and hearth, thoughts of little ways to accesorize a la maison come to mind. offers interesting and original objets d’art at reasonable price points that just might do the trick.  We like the following links on the site: “Functional”, “Sculptural”, and “Micro Tile Collection”.

September 22, 2010

“Spa Week” begins October 1 at The Village Day Spa in Bronxville.  Please stay tuned to “Idea of The Day” for all of the key details.  I look forward to this amazing opportunity—  and can’t wait to share the details with you shortly!

September 21, 2010

The Conde Nast Store.  We love the fact that you can browse through decades worth of spectacular artwork and photography, created by some of the greatest artists of our time— and ordered up according to your own wishes.  When I was at Conde Nast, I was friends with Charlie Scheips— the pioneering in-house “Archivist” charged with compiling and organizing about 80 years worth of artwork & photographic treasures, then housed within the individual magazine archives: from Vogue, House & Garden, Architectual Digest, Gourmet, for example.  Charlie told me at the time that the initial editing & consolidation process at 350 Madison would take him at least five years, and the long-awaited consumer oriented product launch would follow.  Thanks to Charlie, his fabulous eye—and his wonderful original vision, we all benefit.  I have 6 archive photos picked out for myself, for future display in my living room and dining room.  But to date, my favorite go-to item has been the Conde Nast Store note cards that you can custom create for yourself from their online archives.   These cards fall under the heading “astonishing-dash-for-the-cash”— and your friends will wonder how you happened upon such personal notecards that are so stylish, yet so “you”.  Do visit.

September 20, 2010

Under the heading really smart move:  The Pong Case for iPhone 3G/3GS.  A company called Pong sells covers for iPhones that are designed to significantly decrease cell phone radiation.   The Pong Case claims to be the first technology proven by FCC-certified laboratories to reduce the amount of cell radiation absorbed by your head.  The company says that the case reduces cell radiation (SAR) by 60%, and reduces hot spot radiation (EFI) by 85%.  Needless to say, after reading these stats, I went straight to their online store to purchase.  The Case comes in two eye-catching colors right now, black and a bold green.  The covers cost $39.95 each, and seem like a brilliant investment to make right now for oneself, and family members…husbands, wives, and older children with iPhones of their own.  You can visit for more information and/or to purchase The Pong Case.

Special thanks to Michelle Mayer for this brilliantly helpful “Idea of The Day” suggestion.

August 18, 2010

“Idea of The Day” is taking a summer break.  See you September 7th!!!

August 10, 2010


Photographer Jay Ackerman is available for photo shoots in the Hamptons, Westchester and Manhattan.  Jay has photographed my children and the results have always been spectacular.  Jay’s work has appeared in Vogue, Glamour, and Town & Country.  You can also read more about Jay on this website under “People & Profiles” (scroll all the way down the page).

Jay is offering a special shoot fee of $225 for a family photo session (normally $425), and discounted print pricing.  All shoots must be booked by August 31st for these discounts to apply.   In my opinion, this offer represents tremendous value, at just the right time of year for family photography.  And you can get ahead on your Christmas shopping this way, as on the big day his framed photos under the tree are always a big hit with one and all.

Please feel free to contact Jay directly to book your own session. or 914.690.0233.  And please feel free to visit his gorgeous website:

August 5, 2010

THE RECESSIONISTAS by Alexandra Lebenthal

There are not many fond things that one can say about the economic collapse of 2008— except for the rich literary material it is spawning!  Many excellent books have been published over the last nine months on the actual credit crisis itself— for example Andrew Ross Sorkin’s comprehensive and insider-y Too Big To Fail, and Michael Lewis’ gripping and highly educational The Big Short.  A new genre of books is emerging, referred to by one blog as “recession lit” and in that vein the book I eagerly look forward to reading asap is Alexandra Lebenthal’s The Recessionistas.  A lighthearted novel set against a particularly dark moment in time, its publisher’s summary calls it “a story of expulsion from a modern-day Garden of Eden which captures what happens when economic decline spells ruin for Manhattan’s pampered elite” (many thanks to an anonymous very close friend & confidante for her input into this paragraph).

Who could be more familiar with this story than author Alexandra Lebenthal, the President & CEO of Lebenthal & Co, and a regular in the social and media mix in Manhattan?

I had the opportunity to speak with Alexandra by phone this past Friday, as she sat in her office and shared her thoughts on The Recessionistas.

Maria: “As a high-profile figure in the financial world, and a mother of three children (Ben 16, Charlotte 14, and Ellie 6) why did you decide to also write a book— fiction no less?”

Alexandra: “I had written a column on The New York Social Diary ( for two years, and my thoughts began to form along these lines during this time.  Then one day I had lunch with David Patrick Columbia (founder and editor of The New York Social Diary) and as we were chatting, it became clear that maybe this could become something larger.  So I wrote The Recessionistas last summer.  My column still runs in The New York Social Diary.  As a person in finance, my writing dovetails with my desire to be creative”.

Maria: “Did you feel just a tad bit brave for writing a book about the people and events around you, i.e. do you fear that your friends will recognize themselves?  It touches upon the thought that many of us have– rightly or wrongly— that we have a great book in us, if only we had the gumption to write it.  You went out and did it”.

Alexandra: “Writing is the best way that I can talk about what is happening today.  At the time of the financial collapse, I looked around at the things going on around me and saw so much, but wondered what was really going on behind the scenes.  At the time, people were not sharing what was truly going on in their heads.

Also, I am a very observant person.  I instinctively pick up on other people’s habits and reactions, and tuck them away.  I draw upon these observations in my writing.

So one night, I walked up Park Avenue on my way home from work, and looked up into the windows of an apartment.  I wondered what conversations might be taking place inside those walls.  I made up the characters in my head, and their stories, and then wrote the book.  Writing involves so much creativity that I need to be inspired”.

The Recessionistas comes out August 9.

I, for one, will be taking it on vacation with me, and look forward to it.  I know that many of my friends plan to do the same thing, and are eager to get their hands on it.

On that note, Womrath Book Shop (76 Pondfield Road) in Bronxville has created a wait-list for The Recessionistas.  When you call them, add your name to the “ list”, and you will receive a 10 percent discount at the time of purchase.  Ask to speak with Wanda.  914.337.0199.

Arcade Book Sellers in Rye (15 Purchase Street) has the same set up.  Just call them to put your name on the “ list”, and you will receive a 10 percent discount.  914.967.0966.  Ask for Patrick.

Those of you reading from Washington D.C., San Francisco, Paris, London, Hong Kong, etc. can purchase the book right now on

Last but not least, below please find Alexandra’s calendar of personal appearances:

August 12: The Darien Library 1441 Post Road 203.655.1234.  7:00pm

August 14: BookHampton in Southampton 91 Main Street 631.283.0270.  3:00pm

August 14: with Hamptons Magazine at The East Hampton Library 159 Main Street 631.324.0222.  5:00-7:00pm.

August 20: Bellport Restaurant 159 South Country Road Bellport, NY  631.286.7550. 7:00pm

September 10: Judith Leiber 680 Madison Avenue (at 61st Street) 212.223.2999.  6:00-9:00pm  Please note: this book signing at Judith Leiber is part of Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out.  The event will be hosted by Molly Sims, with Alexandra.  And just fyi, on this night Judith Leiber will sell 100 of their bags for $100.  Judith Leiber are bags featured in The Recessionistas cover artwork.

September 14: Barnes & Noble 150 East 86th Street  212.369.2180.  7:00-9:00pm.

October 1: Judith Leiber  220 North Rodeo Drive  Beverly Hills, CA  310.888.8852.  Time TBD.

More dates to come…

August 1, 2010  At LONG last!!!  Greenwich CT based Helen Bowers, and her business partner Amy Rivers, have launched a website for their gorgeous collection of caftans & coverups.  The Vendeuse collection itself was launched in 2008, and until now, have been available only to select friends— and friends of friends— by trunk show only.  But Helen (a mother of 6 no less) and Amy just launched their site a day or so ago and it looks fabulous.  I own six pieces by Vendeuse and live in them.  You will love them too.  Best of all, their price points are so reasonable that you can buy two pieces while you’re at it and not look back— just chock it up to smart advanced planning.

Special thanks to Susie McCloskey, for introducing us to Vendeuse (and Helen and Amy) in the last year and a half…

July 30, 2010

“Street Style Photos” on this site has been updated.  Please feel free to visit!

July 29, 2010 They have really great kids play kits on offer.   They spotlight their own play dough “Fun Packs”, dough cutters, and collage kits— which hopefully will not poison your children (in contrast to their traditional predecesors?).  Our favorite item on their website is the “Eco Stars Recycled Crayon” boxes— so creative, functional, and equally efficient and thoughtful at the same time.

July 28, 2010

Annette McLoughlin photography.  My Rye friends have told me about her work during the past few years, but apparently I did not pay close enough attention to their absolutely rave reviews???  I checked out Annette’s website last night and was absolutely blown away by her portfolio.  It turns out, Annette has shot commercially for the past 8 years for children’s clothing collections and others.  For oh say the likes of Best & Co.— who enlisted her expert eye to bring their spectacular collections literally to life.   Annette’s advertising work has appeared in Town & Country, Conde Nast’s (sadly now defunct as in I loved it) Cookie, and other print publications.  Luckily for the rest of the world, Annette also works outside the commercial domain, and the very smart among us can enlist her talents and abilities for our own purposes.  Last but not least, Annette is a mother of three, so she certainly knows her subjects— and best of all she has a really great and individual sense of style herself which I have long admired.   Please feel free to check out her gorgeous website:

July 26, 2010

Le Weekend.  How about a day trip or one night overnight to Mystic Connecticut, only two hours away from Bronxville?  You can stop by Mystic Seaport (plan to spend at least 3 hours there), and then head to downtown Mystic for yes…pizza.  Here you will find Pizzetta Mystic, a tiny boite that has created “an artful bight atmosphere that inspires creativity and happiness, laughing and stars”.  They use local organic sources when possible and offer a unique and cleverly thought out menu of specialty pizzas which you can check out ahead of time on their website.  We went last summer and loved it.  Pizzetta Mystic 7 Water Street Mystic Connecticut  860.536.4443

July 24, 2010

Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade, to help you brave today’s 100 degree heat.  It comes in recyclable 32 ounce glass bottles, and is “grower certified, facility certified, and product certified”— and best of all it has no high fructose corn syrup.   (Bronxville) Village Natural Market carries it for $1.99 a bottle, and Fairway Market had it for $1.25 a bottle last time I was there.  My kids drink it like it is going out of style, so I suggest stocking up!

July 23, 2010

On the subject of green design…Phillip Jeffries wallcoverings.  We think their raffia and grasscloth collections look particularly interesting.  Phillip Jeffries prides themselves in “bringing natural textured wallcoverings to the design community since 1976— long before it was chic to be eco-chic.  In fact, the majority of [their] hand-crafted wallcoverings have always balanced luxury & sustainability”.  The eco-statement on their site is also particularly interesting.

July 22, 2010

YOLO Colorhouse.  Environmentally friendly paints.  Since summer time is an excellent time to paint the interior or exterior of yor house, we have begun to think more about what is actually in the paints which which we literally surround ourselves.  YOLO Colorhouse, offers a selection of colors with a distinct point-of-view— with “no VOC Paint”, just “non-toxic low odor eco paints”.   You might want to check out their website, especially if you plan to repaint a baby’s room or that of a small child.

July 20, 2010

SURF CAMP.  We feel lucky to have discovered the best-of-breed with regard to organized surf instruction, and feel like we met a really extraordinary group of new friends to boot.   Well known to the inner circles of cool in the fashion and media world, CoreysWave is the insiders go-to team for the best surf experience.  Kristen will be your front-line contact, and will manage your days from start-to-finish, putting you in the hands of one of their expert instructors which includes Corey (the company’s founder & chief wave whisperer), John, Tom— and select others.   Team CoreysWave will insure your safety, and will make sure that you have a lot of fun.  In the summer months and early fall, CoreysWave is based at Ditch Plains in Montauk (just steps from Andy Warhol’s old house, which sold in 2006), and offers the following: private surf lessons, stand-up paddle surfing (“a new twist on a Hawaiian favorite”), Kids Surfing Academy (you will see some adorable and very cool kids out there), and custom parties.  Last but not least, CoreysWave offers destination surf trips in the following locations: Rincon, Puerto Rico, Southern CA, Hawaii (Oahu, Maui), Mexico (Scorpion, Kauai Bay, Punta Mita), Costa Rica (Nosara and elsewhere), San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, and Bali.  OR…take team CoreysWave with you and your friends and/or family to your own special spot anywhere in the world!!! Lucky you.   Remarkably, CoreysWave has had very little press (their success has been completely word of mouth to date), but Corey did appear on MTV’s “Made” in the last couple of years.  Below please find photos of the CoreysWave team, and please do visit their awesome website:

Corey and Kristen

Widge Devaney and John, after the big waves

John, and the CoreysWave car

July 19, 2010

While enrolled in Surf Camp, we stayed at the Montauk Yacht Club, and highly recommend it.   For a post-surfing lunch, their lobster roll hits the spot, though basically anything on their breakfast/lunch/or dinner menu is surprisingly fresh and delicious.   The location is private and beautiful, and overall this spot provides the perfect setting for a really nice long weekend or short getaway.

July 17, 2010

Bowery Lane Bicycles.  Locavores in Bronxville can take it to a new level, and in such smart style no less.  These fabulous bicycles are all made in NYC, in a thoroughly environmentally conscious fashion no less (please read “About” on their website).   Founded in 2008, this company is “committed to making affordable bikes in America that meet actual day-to-day needs of urban” residents.  I cannot think of a more fabulous mode of transportation for life in Bronxville.  Best of all, they come with their very own, and very cool, custom wooden “carry crate” (perfect for carrying goods home from the Bronxville farmer’s market?).  Choose from the “traditional crate”, or their “reclaimed crate”, to attach behind the rider’s seat.   This fabulous new accessory will be of the life changing variety.  Choose from the “Broncks Black”, “Broncks Raw”, or the “Breukelen” variety (and just FYI, this Manhattan-based company appears to have named their models after the Broncks family, the very original visitors of Underhills Crossing, later named “Bronxville” (as in the Broncks started spending so much time there that it became Broncksville and eventually phonaetically spelled “Bronxville”).  Please click below…

July 16, 2010

Fashion’s Night Out will take place on September 10, 2010.   Feel free to visit their website for a schedule of the upcoming events, in New York— and around the world.  Exciting!

July 15, 2010

Beach blankets by Steven Alan.  These cotton sheets are 60 x 84 inches, so they very stylishly cover a lot of sand.  They come in a variety of striped color combinations, and fortunately or unfortunately you cannot choose which exact color combination you might like.  Still, they are colorful, fun, and the best combination of beach form & function that we have seen in some time.  Best of all they are just $48.  We just ordered 2 beach blankets to take with us on summer vacation in August.  That way we will not have to fight over our family collection of beach towels!!!  You will need to click on the site below and go to search for  “beach blankets” on the site, or click on the left sidebar and go to “Beach”.

July 12, 2010

Spirit Beauty Lounge.  “Beauty is as Beauty Does”.  Spirit Beauty Lounge is a place “where you can shop safely, knowing that [they] have done the research for you.  All of [their] organic and sustainable products come from companies who have clearly defined humane, ethical, and environmental policies ensuring the care of our planet and its inhabitants”.  Sun care, skin care, hair care, make-up, baby & mama.

June 24, 2010

Lexington Gardens.  The most favorite place that I have visited of late.  I walked past first thing yesterday morning, and low and behold when they saw me peeking though the windows at 9:00 am, Michael (Walter, one of the owners— along with Rosa Szule) opened the store for me, a full hour early.  I quickly spotted a beautiful circa 1940s “Woodward” outdoor garden rectangular dining table, complete with 6 chairs.  After learning that it was already on hold (which I so believe!!!), I put my name on the list to be second in line.  I had a good feeling from the the start, and indeed won the day last night at 6:00.  The table & chairs will be delivered to me shortly, and while there  this morning I also purchased a pair of fabulous globes made of purple-ish seashells.  They were remarkably inexpensive ($54 each?) and they sit in my front hall right now.  I love them.

There are already many in-the-know (who-we-all-know) who shop here, but I feel like there are so many others who would absolutely love to visit (from Bronxville, Greenwich, San Francisco, London, Paris & Hong Kong), should it become just slightly more top-of-mind.   FYI, I left behind a pair of gorgeous red-and-white painted/speckled (and planted) urns for approx $2500.   They are so gorgeous that you can feel free to beat me to them— unless I figure out where to put them in my own house…and beat you to them my friend(s).

I have a new favorite spot, which you will hear much more about moving forward— on this site, and on my sister sites, and

Lexington Gardens

1011 Lexington Avenue

New York, New York  10021


Please see above for a photo of one of the shell globes purchased today at Lexington Gardens.

June 21, 2010

We just started The Facebook Effect, and will keep you posted!

June 16, 2010

We just finished The Big Short by Michael Lewis.  Gripping.  Yikes.

June 12, 2010

“Street Style” is up!  Please click on the link above to visit!

June 10, 2010

There will be a new link on this site shortly called “Street Style”.  It features photos taken out-and-about of stylish residents.  Stay tuned!!!

June 6, 2010

Bronxville resident Jennifer Granger needs your help.  Jennifer quite recently agreed to devote a significant amount of time and her considerable energy to Pajama Program (by the by—have you ever seen Jennifer in action?  It is a wonderful sight to behold…).   Pajama Program in their own words: “provides new pajamas and new books to children in need, many who are waiting and hoping to be adopted.  Thousands of the children we serve live in group homes and shelters and are shuffled often between temporary living facilities.  Many of them have been abused or abandoned, and have never enjoyed the simple comfort of having a mother or father tuck them in at bedtime and read to them.  Most of the children have been removed from school for long periods of time and are without books for reading practice.  Since 2001, we have provided more than 513,000 pajamas and 260,000 books to children in need nationwide.   Our Pajama Program segments on NBC’s The Today Show and The Oprah Show (which aired three times) helped us grow to 79 Chapters in 42 States nationwide.  Pajama Program operates three reading centers: New York, NY, Yonkers, New York, and Red Bank, NJ”.   Please do feel free to drop off brand new pajamas & books at Jennifer’s house at 16 Beverly Road (she has a bin out front).  Pajama Program is looking for size 5, up through high school (which translates into adult sizes S, M, L).   Jennifer recently met with the Executive Director of Pajama Program who said that they had not done any work in Bronxville, so understandably Jennifer thought “wow, there is so much we could do right here”.  Please do feel free to drop off at Jennifer’s house ASAP.

June 3, 2010

Les Indiennes.  Sun bleached, naturally dyed cottons are hand-blocked with carved wood dipped in ayurvedic dyes, derived from plants, roots, earth, and rock.  Look for their fabrics, wallpaper and bedding— very cool and refreshing, just in time for summer.

June 1, 2010

Please visit the “Photo Gallery” link on this site, to view photos from The Bronxville Memorial Day Weekend celebration which took place this past weekend.

May 28, 2010

Go to for the full schedule of upcoming events for this big weekend in Bronxville.  We kick off with the bake sale and book sale today at the school, move on to the James E. Kearney “Run for Fun” road race tomorrow, work in many other fun festivites during the weekend, and culminate with the grand finale which is Monday morning’s 9:00am parade and carnival to follow at The School.   See you there!

May 25, 2010

FLOURISH Baking Company  160 Summerfield Street  Scarsdale  914.725.1026   From their own literature: “The bakeshop at FLOURISH offers a nutritious menu of artisan breads, vegetable pies and fruit and chocolate confections.  All of our baked goods feature a variety of organic whole-grains and grain flours that include spelt, millet, quinoa, corn, barley, whole wheat, flax, buckwheat and rye.  FLOURISH features locally grown and organic produce to create seasonal menus that highlight our savory vegetable and fruit flavors”.

May 24, 2010

Follow Bronxville resident Jay Wilson’s beautiful work as part of a larger series that he is doing on Bronxville and beyond.  Jay will “provide a new snapshot of life in Bronxville and surrounding areas every Sunday”.  The first image in his series went live last night— and features a gorgeous shot of Il Baccio Trattoria on Park Place, a well-known village dining hot spot day and night.  Do visit!!!

May 21, 2010

On your way home from work, pass by City Chow Cafe (inside The Equinox Fitness Club) to pick up dinner.  Menu items such as their grilled salmon come with your choice of sides of delicious lightly grilled vegetables.  Not only will your dinner be healthy, but it will represent supreme bang for the buck in my opinion.  Fresh, tasty, and healthy.  “good food on the go”.   420 Lexington Avenue,  140 East 63rd Street, 897 Broadway, 1633 BRoadway…

May 20, 2010

Scoot in for dinner at Mary’s Fish camp 64 Charles Street at 4th Street in the West Village.  Order the lobster roll for sure—and start with one of their special appetizers (which change daily) and end with one of their desserts which rotate (we will root for you to catch the banana pudding).   On a beautiful spring night, you will be so happy that you made the quick trip down, and the fabulous cosy setting and incredible food will confirm your brilliant decision.

May 19, 2010

Right now I am reading The Thoughtful Dresser by Linda Grant.  You can’t have depths without surfaces, says the author (this could be my new favorite quote?).  From the back of the book jacket: The Thoughtful Dresser, a thinking woman’s guide to what we wear.  For centuries, an interest in clothes has been dismissed as the trivial pursuit of vain, empty-headed women.  Yet, clothes matter, whether you are interested in fashion or not, because how we choose to dress defines who we are.  How we look tells a story.  Some stories are simple, like the teenager trying to fit in, or the woman turning fifty renouncing invisibility.  Some are profound, like that of the immigrant who arrives in a new country and works to blend in by changing the way she dresses, or of the woman whose hat saved her life in Nazi Germany.  The Thoughtful Dresser celebrates the pleasure of adornment and is an elegant mediation on our relationship with what we wear and the significance of clothes as the most intimate but also public expressions of our identity.   From The London Times Saturday: Wonderfully unapologetic…fiercely intelligent…This is a book that celebrates fashion in the most intelligent, heartfelt, and irresistible of ways

May 18, 2010

The Grand Opening of Fairway Wines & Spirits is tomorrow.   Handily enough, it is located right next door to the new Fairway Market that opened about a month ago (please scroll down below to “Idea of The Day”, May 10).   It is well worth the 12 minute or so drive to this Pelham Manor location from Bronxville— even though I must say that one’s fellow shoppers in the setting are not the most gracious or friendly.  Regardless, this is a fabulous new resource and we are lucky to have Manhattan’s best arrive at our doorstep.

May 12, 2010

Please visit Womrath Bookstore in Bronxville, to make a donation of books or periodicals to The Bronxville Public Library.  With recent budget cuts (happening all over the country), the budgets for purchases of new books and periodicals no longer covers the desires/needs of the Library.  Womrath has a copy of their “wish list”, and you can select accordingly for your own personal or family donation.  Womrath Bookstore 76 Pondfield Road  337.0199

May 11, 2010

Caroline Jackson, sister to Bronxville resident Jennifer Alfano, is a Cordon Blue-trained cook and former manager of Mario Batali’s Otto, and The Spotted Pig.  Caroline has a really interesting business that will stylishly and deliciously improve your day-to-day life.  Let Caroline  create a personalized weekly meal plan for you and your family (cooked in your kitchen in a couple of hours— one day a week) that will make meals easy, healthy and delicious.  Meal plans start at $150 a week for 3 dinners and 2 lunches (groceries not included, but Caroline does the shopping as well which is worth its weight in gold from where I sit!).   Space is limited, so do not delay!   For more information, please visit

May 10, 2010

DO visit the new Fairway Market in Pelham Manor, just about 12 minutes or so from Bronxville Village! 847-A Pelham Parkway, Pelham Manor NY  10803.  They have everything you remember from your city living days…and more— beautiful (and plentiful!) produce, breads, cheeses, fresh pasta, fabulous prepared dishes, and the a huge selection of the staples with which you can stock the pantry or freezer.  The discounts are amazing, please may they last… I walked out with 8 bags of  “reinforcements” for my hungry crew for $116.  The best bargain of all was perhaps Dr. Bronner’s magaical soaps in size large for $8.99 each— normally approx. $15 at our local green market.  Do visit!!!

May 5, 2010

FRESH DIRECT:  To promote its new local delivery service to Westchester and Fairfield County, Fresh Direct is offering new clients “$100  savings off their first 2 orders”.   Plus, two months of unlimted deliveries for just 1 cent.  To take advantage of this special offer, sign up for Fresh Direct today and use the promo code SHOPNOW3 at each checkout. Limited time offer, don’t delay!

April 29, 2010

Please visit J.Pocker at  65 Pondfield Avenue in Bronxville to frame your beautiful children’s most recent works of art.  We visited today to consult with Leba Wise, who gave us fabulous advice— and I ended up framing one standout piece done by each of my three children.  I plan to keep digging through our family “archives”— in an ongoing fashion— to capture the moment and showcase whatever else belongs in our living room (don’t they all?).  I feel like this is just the beginning, and feel so happy to have Leba as my master-mind in-house aesthete.  For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Leba Wise directly at J. Pocker: 914.337.7100  or

April 28, 2010


The Reformed Church Nursery School’s Spring Boutique

“Shop After You Drop”

Thursday, April 29th, 6 Kraft Avenue, Congregational Hall, 9-4pm

Find the perfect Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Communion, Graduation gifts

Or something special just for you!

Please contact: RCNS at 337-6332


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April 27, 2010

Please visit Tribecca-based Katie Lydon’s updated website, to view her appearance on “Designer Living”.   Katie is a long-time friend of mine from Vogue, and the founder of Katie Lydon Interiors.  Katie provides a video walk-through of a Park Avenue apartment once featured in (British) Tatler— which was decorated by Katie for the (British) Head of Sotheby’s Antiques Worldwide and his (American) wife , a Modern Art dealer.  Theirs is a fabulous story, and Katie provides a wonderful peek into their very thoughtfully— and individually— designed apartment.  Enjoy.  Katie has done many beautiful homes in Manhattan, Bronxville, and beyond.  To read more about Katie Lydon, please click on “People & Profiles” to read my recent interview with her.

click on the first profile, “Designer Living”.

April 20, 2010

To mark the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day (April 19), Villager Karin Drakenberg Goodson (see “People & Profiles” on this site) has organized another in her series of Bronxville-village-wide “Walk To School” days.   Karin has coordinated with The Bronxville School, The Bronxville Police Department, and The Mayor— who collectively ask that all students at The Bronxville School arrive on-foot (i.e. in a car-free fashion!!!) this Thursday morning April 22.   If you have any questions or thoughts with regard to this win-win and always popular event (it is healthy for people & the planet, and being able to walk everywhere is— after all— a huge part of why we all moved to Bronxville in the first place!!!)— then please do not hesitate to email me at

April 19, 2010

Dobbs & Bishop sells the most heavenly cheddar brioche.   It is light and fluffy, and literally melts in your mouth.  It flies out of the store, and is only made Monday-Friday.  So do get there early in the day, and taste what you have been missing!!!

April 14, 2010

Space by Design: “Create More Time and Space for LIVING”.  Organizing, Relocation, Decor, Art.  Deborah Petrucci  914.690.1672  Owner Deborah Petrucci offers a simple plan of action which will charge through the clutter and ultimately leave you with a clean slate”.  Sounds wonderful, right???

April 12, 2010

Based in Manhattan’s Meatpacking district, Jacaranda offers “the best in which to furnish your world”.   They focus on sustainability and offering beautiful products that are unique and luxuriously special— from Mexico, Central and South America.  We like their Otomi fabrics in a selection of vibrant colors (hand embroidered by Otomi Indians in Mexico)— and their accessories too (check out the “Sale” link right now…and do eyeball their brown leather handbag with yellow geometric embroidery for $175, very cool).

April 8, 2010

For a really interesting snapshot of The Future of Fashion (“The Old Formula is Not Working”) please visit and click on “Style File Blog” for their thought provoking interview with Julie Gilhart, the longtime and at-this-point legendary Fashion Director of Barneys.   We think you will find this interview to be of supreme interest.  Also on offer: recent past interviews with Robert Duffy (a longtime industry stalwart, and President of Marc Jacobs), and Cathy Horyn (The New York Times Fashion Critic).

April 7, 2010

Those of you with Bronxville Kindergarteners (and older), both boys and girls, who have not yet signed your children up for lacrosse— assuming of course that they wish to play lacrosse this spring— should do so immediately!!!  The “season” kicks off this weekend, and practices/games take place on Sunday nights at The Bronxville School for the little kids.  Please visit the following website asap for all of the scoop:

April 2, 2010

Become a fan of “Kara Ross” on Facebook.  Hoya ’88, her luxury accessories business has been extraordinarily well received since her 2003 collection launch (she has had a gorgeous first floor boutique at Bergdorf Goodman since about then, par exemple).  Lovely, extraordinarily personable, and so wonderfully talented— Kara has become the go-to designer for those who know how already valuable and yet-to-be-successful is her collection.  Longtime fans of Kara’s work— like myself— know that she has already broken through the luxury stratosphere, and encourage you to follow her continually upward and wonderful trajectory.  It is definitely not along the lines of everyday— but hey— births, birthdays, wedding anniverarys would in my opinion merit Kara’s efforts.

March 31, 2010

For spring style inspiration…  Scroll down and enjoy.

March 30, 2010

Little Stars  Children’s haircuts.  441 White Plains Road , Eastchester  914. 779.1261 With spring in mind, so are children’s haircuts.  Most people ask for “Ruby” and feel that she is the only one to do the best work, but we discovered “Mira” yesterday who cut my three children’s hair— and did a surprisingly wonderful job.  Do call and book an appointment here with either “Ruby” or “Mira”.

March 29, 2010

We like Dauphine Press, period.  Great stationery, invitations & gifts.

March 26, 2010

Margot McCloskey (age 14) and her mom Susie McCloskey are hosting a book drive Friday March 26 & Saturday March 27 at their home at 2 Governors Road, Bronxville.  Please DO support Margot’s important efforts which are part of a school service project, to benefit Graham Windham Center— a heart-breakingly worthwhile cause.   All books will be accepted, but Graham Windham really needs the following:

* sports books

* short stories

* poetry

* young adult (YA)/adult novels

* graphic novels

* art books

* Middle School and High School books

Please place the books in boxes…  All books will go to the Graham Windham Center.  To read more about this amazing guardian angel institution, please visit

March 23, 2010


The Reformed Church Nursery School’s Spring Boutique

“Shop After You Drop”

Thursday, April 29th, 6 Kraft Avenue, Congregational Hall, 9-4pm

Find the perfect Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Communion, Graduation gifts

Or something special just for you!

For Further Information

Please contact: RCNS at 337-6332


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March 19, 2010

Please check out “People & Profiles” on this site.  I just posted a spotlight featuring Jennifer Alfano, Editor of KeepitChic— and former fashion writer for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.  I think you will really enjoy the interview— if I do say so myself!

March 18, 2010

If “April showers bring May flowers”, then it is best to be prepared.  Along these lines, leave it to J. Crew to save the day— AGAIN!!!  We have spent the past 7 years— literally— scouring London (Aigle is a British company), Paris (this British Company opened its own collection of free-standing stores in Paris in the early 2000s), and New York (we finally got our hands on these boots in different sizes, at a boutique in Tribecca..Boo and The Duck…in 2004), to create our own family collection of Aigle boots (snow and rain).  My three children (ages 8, 5 and 3) have LIVED in them since 2004, have handed them down to one another as they outgrew their individual boots— and I feel like our own Aigle collection might possibly owe us money against the use that we have enjoyed against ownership of said collection.  Well now, you can purchase Aigle boots on— just click on, go to “boys shoes” and scroll down to “Aigle Boots”.  Here you will find Aigle’s Lollipop rain boots for $58 (which I consider to be unisex FYI) in solid yellow, red, or navy— all with white piping.  Just what the terribly smart Parisian children would wear.  I have covered Aigle Boots (if you scroll down on this link to “September 15, 2009” you will find evidence along these lines) in the past on my website(S), and you can also find my past thoughts on the subject on my sister sites to this one: (under “Les Bonnes Idees”), and on (“Ideas”).  Hats off to J.Crew once again for making the stylishly obscure now thoroughly available.


March 17, 2010

Calling cards…we discovered the most gorgeous ones— which you can import for yourself from Japan.  They are completely unique— each one in fact may vary in size a bit as they are tiny works of art each one.  Done on letterpress, the designs are beautiful and the paper itself is weighty and has a rough hewn quality and distressed edging that I am wild about (I am always partial to anything with a wonderful rough hewn, distressed edge quality to it!).  They also do invitations and stationery. Visit their site, and to begin, click on “English” in the upper far righthand corner of their welcome page:

March 16, 2010

We can’t wait to read Specialites de la Maison, by “American Friends of France” & Christine Schwartz Hartley.    Originally published in 1940, this book will be re-launched on March 30— this time with a forward by Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter.   The book itself contains a collection of French recipes by well-known writers, celebrities, socialites, royalty, and figures from the world of fashion & food.  All circa 1940.  Making la-cuisine-mid-century modern again.  Specialites de la Maison is available for pre-order under “Upcoming Books” on

March 12, 2010

Please feel free to become a Fan, on our brand new Facebook page!!!

March 11, 2010

With a touch of spring in the air, one’s thoughts move to spending more time outside.  With that in mind, we think  Madsen Cycles might come in handy for these purposes, and very chicly so.  Carry kids or cargo safely and stylishly— to and from town, school, the farmer’s market, playdates, the beach, anyplace!— in this very uniquely designed bicycle.   We particularly like their “Classic Cream Bucket” model.

March 10, 2010

Rikshaw Design  “Hand blocked print crib bedding for the bohemian baby”.  Cool prints, ad an array of bedding and accessories.   Our favorite is the “Bombay” collection.

March 9, 2010

To celebrate Peggy L’Heureux’s birthday, please check out “Bronxville Real Estate Reports” on this site.  Please click on “Bronxville Real Estate Reports” on the link at the top of this page.  And happy reading!

March 4, 2010

Please DO visit to read my own interview with Designer Roberta Freymann.  The interview appears on my “People & Profiles” link.  Please do feel free to tell friends about this site!

March 3, 1010  Their mission is to “dress your surroundings in fabrics that represent vitality, energy, comfort, and style, all while maintaining respect to the environment by using only 100% organic cotton”.  They spotlight fabrics, and fabric accessories.  With regard to the latter, we really like “The Ellie Bag” for $24.   To find it, just click on “Accessories” on the site.

March 2, 2010

L’aviva home A really cool webiste with beautiful and very special items for the home.  This sites hosts a series of curated trunk shows, currently on offer: textile, object, and dowry.

February 28, 2010

To celebrate this current day of the week, we recommend a visit to “Sunday Suppers”, a foody website that is sophisticated and so gorgeous— so even the culinarily uninspired among us will enjoy their visit.  It celebrates the best of lower New York’s food scene— recipes, restaurants, markets, recommendations, etc.  Styled and photographed by Karen Mordechai, it is a visual treat.


February 25, 2010

Dahlia 212.697.5090  For you newcomers, it is an open secret that Dahlia in Grand Central (43rd Street side) has the best selection of fresh cut flowers, at really reasonable prices no less.  Since many, if not most of you, pass through there quite frequently, stop by and pick up a little something to brighten your house and your day.

February 24, 2010

If you are looking for a bit of a diversion, may we recommend Seven Days in The Art World by Sarah Thornton.  It is certainly an interesting exploration of the modern art world— itself a bit of a strange journey—but an enjoyable read.  It was The New York Times’ ‘Best Art Book of The Year’ last year.  Vogue calls it “An indelible portrait of a peculiar society”.  Well put.

February 21, 2010

During these dreary days in February, it is important to remember that we live just 20 minutes from Manhattan— and geographically enjoy the best of both worlds.  So instead of making snowmen yet again today, my three children— ages 3, 5, and 8 (and with my husband away in the Middle East this weekend—!!!!!!!!!— on business) I made the hop, skip, and a jump to The Whitney Museum for a little culture (followed by some Upper East Side shopping).  My kids loved the pieces on exhibit on the 5th floor, though I did spend a lot of time saying “don’t touch” as it all looked “so real” to them.   The kids and I both look forward to our next visit to The Whitney, and I think I have created my own small collection of modern art fans as a result of the day’s outing.

We also “did lunch”.  I was not willing to face the lines at many of the Upper East Side kid’s hot spots right near the museum, so I very randomly “settled” on Hillstone, due to its mid-town convenience (we took the train in and out of Grand Central for this outing, but of course).  Located on Third Avenue at 54th Street, I picked it because it was on our way uptown, and because I thought that it might be suitable for children due to its large size.  It was perfect.  The restaurant was packed with families with small children, in big booths that had a subdued quality that therefore somehow eliminated any quality of “noisiness”.  And quite shockingly, the food was absolutely, positively delicious.  Their kids grilled cheese could win an award (I might even order it for myself during some future visit), and their veggie burger should be trademarked it was so spectacularly good.  If I did not have children with me, I would most definitely have selected another spot, no doubt a stylish hideaway on the Upper East Side.  But for the past few years I have been searching for a really good mid-town lunch or dinner spot appropriate for small children, and I have finally found one.  Hillstone  212.888.3828.

February 20, 2010  A really interesting and completely authentic site that “provides customers with quality, fairly traded products manufactured in Southern and Eastern Africa.  The uniqueness of designs, colours, and creativity of all our produce adds value to your shopping experience while supporting local communities in Africa” (quoted directly from the website).   Be sure to click on “Ensuring a Future” to see how your purchases help communities in Africa.

We recommend the following shopping links on the site:

“Shanga Shangaa Beads”

“Children” (great gifts)

“Gallery Design” (custom design services, straight from the source)

All prices are in British Pounds, and the prices are incredibly reasonable…


February 19, 2010

We really do love, a website that pays homage to Michelle Obama.  An inspiration to many— and a woman who owns her own style…

February 18, 2010

As the Editor & Publisher of (…and much more to come!)— I was invited to Fashion Week this week.   I spent approximately a decade attending the Fashion Shows while with (in the following order) Bergdorf Goodman’s Fashion Office/Vogue/The New York Times. But it was exciting to be invited to attend 6 shows as the Editor of, my own collection of websites which I launched within the last 11 months.  Please feel free to visit:

February 17, 2010

Continuing on the food theme, here is my very own interpretation of Bananas Foster:

1 stick butter

3/4 cups brown sugar

2 tablespoons Vanilla extract (you can also substitute in here a nice splash of Mount Gay Rum, if you are more adult focused)

2 bananas, each one cut in half

Vanilla Ice Cream

This is the simplest and most delicious dessert.  In a skillet, heat the stick of butter until melted and bubbling.  Stir in the brown sugar and vanilla (or rum) until it is fully mixed and simmering.  Add in bananas and continue cooking— flipping constantly— until the bananas are soft but not mushy.  Serve the vanilla ice cream into four separate bowls.  Take one piece of banana and place it on top of the ice cream in each bowl.  Spoon the extra sauce, still warm, from the skillet and dribble it on top of the banana and ice cream in each bowl.  Serve immediately.  Serves 4.

February 16, 2010

If you wish that you were away somewhere beachy this holiday week, or could otherwise use a fun winter-pick-me-up— may we recommend Mary’s Fish Camp?  This tiny hole in the wall hit the spot— a cosy winter hideaway and major gem.  One can deduce from the name that they specialize in fish & seafood, but in my opinion with a fabulous comfort food twist and a startlingly rare sense of freshness.  Their devoted and loyal followers all speak reverently of the lobster roll, which more than lives up to the praise and frankly is just beyond.  It comes with a pile of their trademark shoestring fries, or you can substitute in the healthier side of greens which comes dressed in the most heavenly vinaigrette we have ever tasted.  Other great ideas: the “Wild Maine Mussells” starter in red curry and coconut milk were so delicious I almost fell off my chair.  People also rave about the New Zealand cockles, and the spicy peekytoe crab au gratin.

It is important to note that people migrate to Mary’s Fish Camp FOR the food, not for the scene or the splashly setting (so if you need outside validation— like the need to brag to your friends about your visit in any way shape or form—it is not for you).  As such, it makes for a really friendly and stylish crowd, who certainly know their own minds (which is such an important ingredient to possessing true style, isn’t it— without any need to show off?).   Don’t be surprised if the regulars recognize you as a newcomer and start to make suggestions— or offer to share off their own plates to underscore for you that you are making a brilliant choice, whatever it may be.

Mary’s Fish Camp opens at 6:00 (it is also open 12-3 for lunch), fills up quickly and remains packed day after day, week after week.  Since the space is so small, it is a great place to go with a friend or two, maybe a party of four max (which would be considered a large party here).  They do not take reservations, and there is no bar at which to hang out (though there is an old-fashioned lunch counter that is essentially part of the kitchen— and is a fun place to dine if you are a party of one or two.  And bien sur they serve alcohol and have daily specials along these lines too).  My dinner was SO delicious and I ate so well that I thought it might be overdoing it to order any of the dessert specials 1) banana pudding 2) warm gingerbread with whipped cream or ice cream 3) or a traditional and delectable looking ice cream sundae.  I must admit that I still regret not getting dessert— as everyone around me was eating theirs, while I paid my bill.   But this just gives me an excellent excuse to go back to Mary’s Fish Camp very soon!!!  Mary’s Fish Camp64 Charles Street at the corner of W. 4th Street

February 12, 2010 is getting lots of well deserved attention since it launched two days ago in the midst of Wednesday’s bizzard.  Bronxville resident Jennifer Alfano, and her business partner Preston Davis, combined their talents, abilities and backgrounds to create this amazing blog.  Jennifer, formerly with Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, is also a former handbag designer whose extraordinary collection was sold at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

Her first piece on the site, published yesterday, was a tribute to Alexander McQueen, which was picked up immeditately yesterday by Gawker.  Please feel free to visit, and enjoy.

February 10, 2010

Enjoy your snow day!!!

February 8, 2010

Roberta Freymann has a collection of gorgeous necklaces that offer real bang for the stylish buck at $100 or so, and serve as a fun and inexpensive mid-winter pick-me-up.   You will find these colorful and one-of-a-kind-in-feeling pieces at Roberta’s original store at  153 East 70th Street 212.585.3767 at Lexington Avenue, or an even larger selection of them at her brand new store— only about 6 weeks old or so— at 958 Lexington.  212.717.7373  Do drop by, or order online…


February 7, 2010

Escape the winter doldrums for a few minutes and visit Isaac Mizrahi’s blog, a journey into all things Isaac— fashion, food, and other ideas.  Also, with New York Show week coming up— please log on February 18 at noon for a live-feed of Isaac’s show in real time.

February 2, 2010

For an added lift, sprinkle these same drops of organic lavender oil in the entrance way of your home— and directly onto the wood floors that lead into the rest of your home.  Your whole house will smell like it was just cleaned to perfection, even if it oh say… wasn’t.  Even your small children will comment quite positively on the “changes” (at least mine do).  Last but not least— once again— you are reaping all of these wonderful pick-me-up benefits without having to subject yourself and your family to harmful chemicals…

February 1, 2010

For a little lift, put about 10-12 drops of organic lavender oil— purchased at your local green market— in your dryer for the last 10 minutes of laundry drying time.  It is especially nice for sheets and towels which will smell extra fresh, but in a chemical-free fashion…

January 28, 2010

Take photos of your home on your iPhone, and bring them in to see Leba Wise at J. Pocker & Son in Bronxville.  Leba can act as your own art-consultant and visionary, and your time and money will be well spent as the results will no doubt be to your liking.  Leba is a fantastic resource for those in-the-know— from Bronxville, Larchmont, Pelham, Rye, Scarsdale, etc.— and you will be very happy that you discovered her.   Schedule an appointment, or just drop in.  65 Pondfield Road, Bronxville.  914.337.7100 or email Leba directly at To learn more about Leba, please click on the “People & Profiles” link above.

January 26, 2010

“movingtoWestchester.comMAC & CHEESE”.  THE BEST MACARONI & CHEESE EVER.  Seriously…

The following recipe re-interprets my grandmother’s recipe for modern day, and ironically turns it into a vehicle for getting my children to unknowingly eat their vegetables!!!  (my 3 year old and five year old had THIRDS of it last night, par exemple).  My own interpretation of my Grandmother’s Macaroni & Cheese is as follows:


* 1 Pound Medium Pasta Shells

* 1/2 stick butter

* 1 and 1/2 tablespoons “Martial Picat” Old Fashioned Grain Mustard (can be found at Dobbs & Bishop, Bronxville 914.361.1770  Please read more about Dobbs & Bishop under the “Entertaining” link on this site, under “Cheese Stores”)

* 6 tablespoons all-purpose flour

* 5 cups fat-free milk

* 1 cup 3 year old Farmer’s Aged Gouda, grated (found at Dobbs & Bishop— please see above for contact info)

* 2 cups Aged Irish Cheddar, grated (found at Dobbs & Bishop— please see above for contact info)

* 4 cups raw cauliflower, boiled and then pureed

* 1 sweet potato (skin on), boiled and then pureed

* 1/4 Balthazaar baguette (baguette can be found at Dobbs & Bishop— please see above for contact info)

Boil pasta shells in large pot of water, until pasta is cooked and is tender.  Drain, keep in large pot, and then stir in 1 tsp. olive oil to keep from sticking together.  Set large drained pot of pasta shells aside for now.

In a separate sauce pan, heat butter and whisk until foaming.  Add in flour and mustard, and continue to whisk.  Gradually add in 5 cups of fat-free milk, whisking constantly— until mixture thickens.  Add in Aged Gouda cheese, and Aged Irish Cheddar cheese, and stir constantly.  Add in cauliflower and sweet potato puree mixtures until fully combined.   Pour into the large pot of shell pasta which was set aside until now.  Stir the now combined contents in the large pot over heat for approx. 3 minutes.  Pour into 9×12 glass dish.  Take 1/4 of a Balthazaar baguette and break into small pieces on top of macaroni and cheese dish.  Dribble olive oil on top of bread crumbs, and grind fresh sea salt on top of bread crumbs.  Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes, or until dish is bubbling.  Serve onto individual plates, and then definitely add some extra grated Farmer’s Aged Gouda on top to taste— onto each plate.

For Children: serve with a side of steamed broccoli spears (you have now served them THREE vegetables in one sitting)

For Adults: serve with fresh, raw endive spears  Please note: a Rioja by Solnia ($8.99 at The Wine Emporium, 98 Pondfield Road Bronxville 914.337.5090) adds the finishing touch to the overall deliciousness of this dish…

And best of all, the extra smooth texture of this macaroni & cheese recipe is due to the vegetable purees that have been added, creating a particularly creamy consistency— but a guilt-free one………  Please enjoy, and we would love your feedback!!!

January 25, 2010 offers really gorgeous cocktail napkins that appear to represent remarkable value against the dollar.  “Modern Monogram” cocktail napkins come in a set of 4 ($28 per set), in either white linen with single letter black embroidery, or stone linen with single letter chocolate embroidery.  The perfect hostess gift, or well-priced pick-me-up for your own well-appointed house.

January 22, 2010

Please tune in to MTV, CBS, and other major channels tonight to watch “Hope For Haiti Now“.  This extraordinary production pays tribute to the desperate and immediate need for Haiti’s Earthquake Victims.  The program was organized and is hosted by the creme de la creme from the world of music, film, and entertainment.   Please watch now, and do donate: 1.877.99.HAITI or

Follow Up: Please note as of this moment Monday morning 1/25— thanks to MTV, CBS, and others— this amazing production has raised $57 million for Haiti…

January 21, 2010

We are hearing good things about the book HappyBaby: The Organic Guide to Baby’s First 24 Months.  This guide to a healthy and greener start for your newborn-and-beyond seems like a great resource to have on hand for frequent reference.

January 20, 2010

Here is the banana bread recipe that my three small children are absolutely wild about…


* 2 cups all-purpose flour

* 1/4 teaspoon baking soda

* 1 tsp. vanilla

3/4 teaspoon cinnamon

* 1/2 cup butter, softened

* 3/4 cup brown sugar

2 eggs, beaten

3 overripe bananas, mashed

In a large bowl, combine flour, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt.  In a separate bowl combine softened butter, eggs, brown sugar and mashed bananas until well blended.  Combine banana mixture into flour mixture and stir until blended.  Pour batter into lightly greased pan.  Bake at 350 degrees, until a toothpick inserted into the center of the banana bread comes out clean.  Cooking time TBD, depending on the size of the pan you use (longer cooking time for a deeper pan, shorter cooking time for more shallow dishes).  Let cool 5 minutes and then serve!!!  Best served warm in a fresh baked fashion.  Possibly accompanied by vanilla ice cream?

January 19, 2010

For those of us with limited time and funds (which describes perhaps all of us?), indulgences are still in order.  Zen Spa in Bronxville offers 30 minute private reflexology that soothes the body and mind— and hopefully helps boost one’s resistance/immunity at this dreary time of year.  All for $45.  Ask for Young.  914.771.5056.

January 14, 2010

Following are some really great interior design websites recommended by Manhattan-based Katie Lydon, Principal and Owner of Katie Lydon Inc.

Design Sponge

Style Court

A Peek At Chic

To read more about Katie Lydon, please visit the “Fashion & Design” link on this site, and also please visit (a sister site to this one)—and click on “People & Profiles”.

January 13, 2010

In light of the absolutely unspeakable tragedy in Haiti, here are ways to help right now.  Donations can be made immediately to all below:

January 12, 2010 Perhaps you have already tuned in, or not?  You can find all of your former favorite sitcoms, cartoons, etc. on this website.  At any rate, I am now in-the-know thank goodness—I watched three episodes of Newhart from the early 80’s last night.  Other friends have tuned in to The Love Boat, and other old favorites.  I look forward to more viewing to come.  Special thanks to Neil Stronski for bringing this one to light.

January 10, 2010

French Chocolate Pound cake (perfect with a cup of tea on a cold day)

* 2 cups flour

* 4 eggs

* 2 cups sugar

* 1 tsp. vanilla

* 1/2 tsp. sea salt

* 1/2 tsp. cinnamon

* 2 sticks butter, softened

* 1 tsp. baking powder

*  1/2 cup chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Mix the flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder, and salt together in a separate bowl.  In another bowl, beat the butter until fluffy and mix in the eggs and vanilla.  Combine the ingredients of both bowls into one, mix, and add in chocolate chips.   Pour the batter into a deep dish, suitable for a small cake.  Make sure that this same baking dish is greased with butter and coated with flour.  Bake for approximately 40 minutes, or until the cake is springy to the touch and cooked in the middle.  This cake is best served warm, immediately after coming out of the oven.

January 9, 2010

Bring your old cell phones, blackberries and other old electronics that you would otherwise throw away down to The Bronxville School today.  Drop-off is this morning under the canopy on Midland Avenue.    The Bronxville High School students will then take your donations and make sure that their parts are placed in proper hands for recycling purposes.    What a great community service project!

January 7, 2010

Bronxville Village resident and MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski is hosting a book signing for her new book “All Things At Once” at the Bronxville Library tonight at 7:30 (201 Pondfield Road).  Mika’s is an interesting and valuable account with regard to the personal challenges and rewards of life as a journalist/wife/mother/and role model…

December 23, 2009

Morrell’s Wine Bar is a great spot to come out of the cold, and get a great holiday view of  the tree in Rockefeller Center.  Meet up with a friend for a fun holiday lunch or dinner at the bar, and take in the Christmas view without having to deal with those darned crowds.  212.262.7700

December 22, 2009

Bronxvillians, plus residents of Larchmont/Pelham/Rye/Scarsdale, and other nearby towns— the Bronxville Christmas pageant (a tradition for approximately almost 100 years?) will take place once again Christmas Eve at 5:30pm on the front lawn of The Dutch Reformed Church.  Starring will be the ususal cast of characters: Mary, Joseph, the Baby Jesus, the donkey who transports Mary to the manger, the Wise Men, and the Manger Angel.  The Bronxville Village Christmas tree (directly across the street at Village Hall) will be “blessed” that night, according to tradition.    The ceremony is not to be missed, and your children will love visiting the manger complete with “baby Jesus” and Manger Angel immediately upon the pageant’s end.  DO BUNDLE UP, to keep warm!!!  Even though you will be surrounded by approximately 500 other pageant go-ers, the Village street lights will be turned off— so no one will know if you are not dressed according to your usual fashion forward standards (so again, take advantage!!!).  You can then make your way with regard to post-Pageant Christmas Eve cocktail parties around town in Bronxville, and other Christmas Eve revelry.  If you have just moved to Bronxville, or are visiting the area— DO make a point of attending, as it is definitely not to be missed…

December 19, 2009

Stop by Dobbs & Bishop tomorrow for their champagne and caviar party kicking off at 3:30pm (pre-snowstorm!!!).  This brand new cheese shop has been an absolute smash hit since opening about 6 weeks ago, and the mob scene of new customers just can’t seem to get enough.  While enjoying your caviar and champagne tomorrow, you can shop for goodies— for yourself and others.  We recommend their “Stinking Bishop”, “Challerhocker” and “Hooligan” cheeses, their selection of fresh breads delivered every morning from Balthazar, their “Matin des Pyrenees” fig jam, their gourmet sausauges— pretty much everything!!!  Dobbs & Bishop  107 Pondfield Road, Bronxville  914.361.1770

December 18, 2009

PLEASE??? We realize that Christmas is just days away, but there is a huge and really very sad pile of “Letters to Santa” piling up in a display in the window at the Mailboxes/UPS Store at 81 Pondfield Road in Bronxville.  Having fulfilled some letters ourselves (we shipped boxes off to 4 children today)— and having spoken with other friends who picked up letters from this same pile— some of the notes are heartbreaking and come from parents and children truly in need.  We know that this is the last thing that you need to add to your “To Do” list right now, but the thought of this pile continuing to grow day by day just seems to unnecessarily sad to us.   If you have any questions re: these letters, please just ask to speak with Michelle at the Mailboxes/UPS Store… Gift cards from a national chain store (Target, the Gap, etc.) shipped off in a box stuffed with Christmas candy should do the trick to make a huge difference to  these letter writers.  Mailboxes: 81 Pondfield Road, Bronxville

December 16, 2009

When filling the liquid handsoap dispensers in your bathrooms and kitchen this winter, consider filling them with Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps in “Lavender”.  Consisting of Pure-Castille Soap— made with organic oils— not only will Dr. Bronner’s Magical Soaps smell wonderful, but you will protect yourself to the best of your ability (we hope) from harmful chemicals that are bad for people and the earth.  We are also a huge fan of their “Peppermint” liquid soap.   Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps can be found at your local green market, or nearest Whole Foods.

December 15, 2009

M&J Trimmings— located in Manhattan’s Garment district— is a great source for beautiful grosgrain ribbons and decoration.  They are the go-to people in the fashion industry (and have been for decades), but might come in handy for you too at this time of year.  They launched a website several years ago, that is worth visiting for ribbons, and what ever else you might be looking for…

December 14, 2009 This “international service-learning program with tens of thousands of participants around the globe” will provide “tools that open your world and empower communities through education in Pakistan and Afghanistan”.  One penny at a time, this amazing organization hopes to make a positive impact on a global scale.  Please visit, to learn much more about this amazing organization.

December 8, 2009

Former New York Times Food Critic (as in THE New York Times food critic), and high-profile personality Amanda Hesser, has created her own website (with work partner Merrill) called I recently stumbled upon a copy of Amanda’s 2003 best-selling book, given to me while I too worked for The New York Times in 2003.  Never mind that the book accidentally sat in a box of New York Times work folders, documents, and keepsakes that I sent home to myself when I left The Times in 2005, UNTIL last week when I finally accidentally unearthed it and brought Amanda’s Cooking for Mr. Latte (her soon-to-be-husband) to Vermont last week for a family get-away.  I could have easily dedicated my entire weekend to reading this book by the fire (three children of mine and husband be darned), and honestly cannot remember the last time that I enjoyed a book this much (and I am not a “foodie”, to put it mildly).   Anyway, Amanda still writes for The New York Times Magazine, but has also broken away to create her own website with business partner Merrill.  Your non-foodie friends will still love Amanda’s truly fabulous personal style and overall aesthetic sensibility—  plus her ability to keep everything warm, and visually appealing.   You are taking advice/inspiration from someone who is literally at the VERY top of the Manhattan game, someone who The New York Times, Vogue, and numerous others think the world of…

December 7, 2009

If you are looking for a great local place to buy your Christmas tree, look no further than Lieb’s in New Rochelle.  Located on it’s own generations old family “farm”, the Christmas time scene includes Christmas trees, Christmas indoor plantings, and it’s own petting zoo for the kids.  Ask for Leonard (the owner— who lives on the property), drop the name “Maria Devaney”, and ask him about their delivery and tree-set up charge which is nominal and worth its weight in gold.  1 Askins Place New Rochelle  914.632.5599.

December 2, 2009

Now that you are in the holiday spirit, Christmas decorations are in order.  Averill Farm in Washington Depot, Connecticut— family owned for too many generations to count (the rumor is that they bought the property from the Waramaug Indians once upon a time)— offers “cut your own” Christmas trees and handmade wreaths.   You will find several varieties of spruce and fir trees, and all are $40 regardless of size (so if your ceilings are high, go get a ten foot tree to make the most of it!!!).    Bring your own saw, “or borrow one” of theirs at Averill Farm.  Wreaths are made daily, and come in three sizes.  You can make this the year that you kick off a new family tradition by visiting perhaps one of the prettiest spots on earth to find your tree.   Also, do consider stopping by the nearby GW Tavern (also in Washington Depot) for a festive lunch— a great spot for adults and kids.

November 12, 2009


If you are looking for absolutely amazing holiday gift ideas, and would like to teach your children the real meaning of Christmas at the same time— please do take the time right now to learn more about The Janada L. Batchelor Foundation for Children (JBFC) in Tanzania, East Africa.  USA contact: 918.706.2268  This incredible organization was founded by Chris Gates, age 23, and the nephew of Margaret and Andy Paul of Bronxville.  Tanzania, East Africa is one of the most poverty stricken areas in the world, where untold numbers of children have been abandoned or orphaned, and literally tens of thousands have been forced to live on the streets and face unspeakable tragedy.  Chris built JBFC literally and figuratively from the ground up, and today it supports and educates 200 girls, and serves as a full-time home for 27 of them.  Chris is the program’s founder and visionary, and feels his work has just begun.  His extraordinary plans for the future include a first-ever medical center for the area, and multiple campuses for the girls, since the demand for such services is so profound and is growing day-by-day.  “Over the years, I have seen first-hand the plight of the street children.  I started doing my own independent field research and learned that while there were some programs to help street boys, nothing was being done to help young girls get off the streets.  You can pull an entire society up by its bootstraps by educating and empowering young girls and women, and that is how you can begin to make a difference and create real change”.  Chris’ great hope is that this first campus that he has built— and the others that he hopes will follow in its footsteps— will 1) be self-sustaining 2) provide a family environment for the children and 3) serve as the model for additional schools to come.


The Janada L. Batchelor Foundation for Children was named for Chris’ grandmother, who took him to Africa for the first time 8 years ago.  “At age 5, I told my Kindergarten class in Tulsa, Oklahoma that I wanted to grow up to be a ‘veterinarian in the Serengeti’.  It was a surprise to the other kindergarteners as you can imagine— and to my family too.  But I spent the next ten years dreaming of a trip to Africa, and when I was 15 my grandmother indeed took me there.  It was a dream come true.  I immediately fell in love with the people and culture of Tanzania.  I do believe this is my calling in life”.  Chris runs all of the day-to-day operations of the foundation, including staff development and fundraising.


Chris needs your help to continue his extraordinary work.  He has created an absolutely amazing “2010 Wish List” which could serve as your own very brilliant holiday gift-giving list for family and friends— and those young children of yours for whom you would like to set an example.  Some fabulous and thoughtful gifts on offer are as follows:

* One ACRE of Land (on which could someday stand a new school, dormitory, or medical facility, and YOU made it happen): $200

* 3 trees, planted: $10

* Farming of an Acre of Land (rice or corn): $80

* 1 Milk Cow: $400

* 8 Chickens: $10

* Creation of Solar Power Infrastructure for an Entire Campus: $18,000

* Solar Power Infrastructure for a School: $5,000

* 1 Desk: $30

* 1 Whiteboard: $200

* 1 Textbook: $20

* Shipping Container with Medical Equipment from New York: $6,000

“Taking the most deprived children of Northern Tanzania, the street girls, JBFC empowers them, giving them the second chance at life they may never have received otherwise.  JBFC always welcomes new sponsors (private, church, and corporate)”.  PLEASE DO visit their website right now, and seriously consider making your own gift to JBFC today.  Merry Christmas to all.

Special thanks to Susie and Pat McCloskey for the idea spotlighted above…

Attached please find the photos of the girls who have benefitted to date from the JBFC:

jbfc 1jbfc 2

Reka, Julie, Angel, and Pendo.  The little boy pictured with them is the son of Chris Gates’ houseworker.

jbfc 3Chris Gates with the JBFC students.

November 5, 2009

If you have a large or small company— or any other need to create a very clever and fabulous looking messaging campaign/marketing materials (online and printed)/concept/design/website design— Double Happiness Design is really wonderful.  Their clients include a collection of very interesting and small dynamic businesses like MarieBelle Chocolates (a great gift— done in Double Happiness Design’s gorgeous packaging design, sold at Bergdorf Goodman), to the more “established” types like oh say Conde Nast, and Goldman Sachs.   Ask to speak with Adrienne Wong, a former Conde Nast type herself.  212.529.0101  195 Chrystie Street  701C  New York, NY  10002

November 4, 2009

As the winter months set in, dry skin can often use a boost.  Kahina-GivingBeauty offers pure argan nut oil, and when mixed with coarse sea salt from your grocery store or green market serves this argan nut oil and seal salt combination serves as a fantastic and highly moisturizing salt scrub.  Best of all, the ingredients are organic and processed naturally (so no scary mand-made ingredients are introduced into the mix).  Company founder Katharine L’Heureux is very proud of the straightforward and pure ingredients that go into all of her products.

November 3, 2009

Christmas is coming!!!  Since the weather is still nice, you still have time to take the family Christmas card, holiday, or family photo.  Jay Ackerman is the source for gorgeous photography (please see “Gallery” on this website).  So book him now and avoid the rush!!!  His service is extraordinary, but it definitely will not hurt to mention when you contact him…

October 29, 2009

Massage: for the best combination massage incorporating swedish, shiatsu, and Thai (the practice of stretching out your whole body) techniques, please ask for “Young” at Zen Spa in Bronxville— and do call ahead to book an appointment. 25 Pondfield Road  914.771.5056

October 27, 2009

In Bronxville, Halloween is a big deal.  Of particular note is the traditional Halloween parade for Bronxville’s fully costumed pre-school and elementary school set— hosted by The Bronxville High School students.  This year’s parade is scheduled for Friday, October 30 at 4:00pm.  Please plan to meet at “The Flag Pole” on the front lawn of The Bronxville School on Pondfield Road sometime before 4:00pm (most parents try to leave work early in Manhattan that day—for the big event— and often find themselves all-together on the 3:23pm train out from Grand Central Station).  The parade itself will begin at said Flag Pole, move out to Pondfield Road and will then wrap around the supersized-one-block Bronxville School campus (the athletic fields etc).  At the parade’s end, The Bronxville High School students will host a haunted-house for the children, and will also offer other activities inside The School.  Last but not least— after all of this activity— please do then proceed to the Village shops and restaurants (a half block away, on foot but of course since this is Bronxville) for “trick-or-treating-in-town”.  At this point we know that you are thinking that the last thing your child will need is more candy.  But please do humor 1) your child and 2) the Village Merchants.  The gang in group #2 gets collectively SO excited about the event— and absolutely positively loves to greet the kids in town (many of whom they already know— and have known since they came home from the hospital at birth), in costume, on this once-a year-evening.  Since it does indeed take a Village to raise a child, the  Bronxville Village Merchants feel very invested… and love to help celebrate this holiday with your children.  Yes, the Merchants will give your kids more candy (not exactly what you wished for?).   But at the end of all of this activity, your children will have had a VERY special night— the parade, the school activities, AND trick or treating in town at their favorite stores!!!  You can then can just bring your children home at the festivities’ end, and hopefully put them STRAIGHT to bed after such an exhausting two-plus hours?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?   Your night might hopefully then begin at 6:00pm-ish!!!  Good luck!!!

October 26, 2009

With regard to this terrible cold/congestion that the pre-school set is suffering from as we speak, the doctor’s offices are recommending a spoonful of honey for a bad cough— in lieu the cold medicines of late have been newly labled not safe for small children.  It sounds ridiculous, but we gave the spoonful of honey to our three year old, and even tried it ourselves.  It did indeed work.  The results were real and immediate.

October 23, 2009

The pre-school set has been battling quite a virus of late: one that includes fever, cough, end extreme congestion.  To add insult to injury, these same symptons seem to drag on past the one week mark.  To alleviate congestion, a friend told me to buy an essential oil diffuser at the local green market— along with some 100% pure Eucalyptus oil— and plug it into a wall outlet for improved breathing.  I took it a step further and also put a few drops of Eucalyptus oil on each child’s pillow right before bedtime.  Eucolyptus oil produces the “Vicks” effect, but with no exposure to chemicals and man-made-goodness-knows-what.  The effect is indeed pronounced with regard to relieving congestion, and your room will smell really nice and not at all “medicine-y”.  When everyone recovers from this virus— I  am going to experiment next with Lavender oil in the diffuser, as a little indoor pick me up for upcoming winter season.

October 22, 2009

The Pampered Chef offers: a collection of really stylish, natural bamboo products that are earth friendly— for both cooking and entertaining; a stoneware collection that is cooking & cleaning friendly, and distributes cooking heat evenly to boot; and a fabulous kitchenware utensils collection to be envied…in addition to many, many other amazing products.  We highly recommend that you visit their website:  And for more information, plus any and all question— or to place orders— please contact: Jackie Kiefer email: or 914.420.5549.

October 20, 2009

Courtesy of Target, there will be free admission to The Cooper-Hewitt Museum (2 East 91st Street) from October 18-24.  For more information, please call The Cooper-Hewitt at 212.849.8400.  And do feel free to drive the 20 minutes or so in from Bronxville to visit this Manhattan institution free of charge this week— again courtesy of Target!!!

October 19, 2009

The number for the national DO NOT CALL REGISTRY is: 1.888.382.1222.  If you would like to have your phone number remain— or become— unpublished and therefore unavailable to telemarketers and sales solicitations, call this number above to have your number blocked.  After you register, your number will be blocked for five years.  Please note: you must call from the phone number that you want to have blocked (cell and/or landline), you cannot call from a different phone number.  The whole process takes about 30 seconds.  Good luck!  For more information, please go to

PLEASE NOTE: to confirm/cross check to the very best of our ability that this registry is legitmate, we went on the Federal Trade Commission’s website ( and also called The Federal Trade Commission in Washington DC as well.  In both instances, we were provided with the same number above for the national DO NOT CALL REGISTRY.

Special thanks to Saskia Martin for the heads up re: the contact number for this registry!

October 14, 2009 is an alliance between Architectural Digest and 1st  I am just guessing that they are picking up where left off after Domino Magazine folded (its collective fans including ourselves and many friends are still getting over that crushing blow).  Anyway, do visit to see what you think for yourself!

October 13, 2009

Please visit for the most beautiful and dhurries and rugs.  Diane Bankoff, Founder & Creative Director, has collaborated with some of the biggest names in fashion and design to produce their unique works of art that can be yours.  Please visit her website and take a look at “Fashion Under Foot” spotlighting rugs designed by Carolina Herrera, Narcisco Rodriguez, Reed Krakoff, and Lambertson Truex among others.   The Oscar de la Renta Dhurrie Collection is also not to be missed.   Gorgeous!!!

October 12, 2009

Please visit for the best ideas re: environmentally minded-and-hopefully-much-safer-purchasing opportunities for you and your small children.  This site launched last week to great fanfare, and looks to be just what so many parents with small children having been looking for, for so long.  Look no more.  Please visit

October 9, 2009 To open in Scarsdale in January 2010!!!!!!!!!   777 White Plains Road (between Brook Street & New Wilmot Road).   Kidville was named “Best of” by New York Magazine and given a five star “extraordinary” customer rating in The Lila Guide: New Parent Survival Guide.   Kidville founders include: Tennis stars Steffie Graf and Andre Agassi, philanthropist Laurie Tisch, and Bronxville School Alumnus Rammy Harwood.   Kidville offers a wide range of developmental classes including “Little Maestros”, “Run Wiggle Paint & Giggle”, “My Big Messy Art Class”, “Big Muscles for Little Babies” and on and on with regard to amazing programs.  Birthday parties for children up to age 9 and Kidville University (Kidville’s Pre-School Alternative Program) also available.  Please do visit their website and sign your children up for what will clearly be an amazing menu of programs!!!!!!!!!

October 8, 2009

They do everything for you with regard to state and federal nany tax payments, which can otherwise be a huge headache, trust us.  And with regard to payment of nanny taxes— it is always a darned-if-you-do, and darned-if-you- don’t situation.   This way, you can do everything properly and above board, but not have to worry about the administrative headache of it all.   Phew.  Just fill out the forms that they provide, and write them checks.  People who use their services absolutely swear by them.  Special thanks to Mary Preusse for this excellent suggestion!!!

October 7, 2009

Please click on “Real Estate Reports”, above, to read Elisa Shevlin Rizzo’s very helpful thoughts on the first-time homebuyer credit.

October 6, 2009 is offering 20% of their listed prices for all orders delivered through October 15.  What a great opportunity to try them out— in preparation for the upcoming holiday season… The best cheeses from France, handpicked by their own in-house frommagier— and delivered directly to your door!!!!!!!!!


Shay Graydon recently moved from Paris to Bronxville with her husband and her young son.  They purchased the Ethel Walker House.

October 2, 2009

May we recommend a visit to The Asia Society, located on Park Avenue in Manhattan?  They have some really great family events on offer, and in the works.  If you have any questions or would like more information, Maria Kakoulides is the organizer of their family programs and is a fabulous contact to have there.

September 30, 2009

The Whitney Museum 945  Madison Avenue @ 75th Street  212.570.3600  The Whitney Museum is only 24 minutes or so from Bronxville (without traffic)— so why not make the most of a beautiful fall day by scooting in for a visit with the kids? Why not bring your family in for a fun morning, and take advantage of the family programs that they offer?  For example “Free Activity Guides for Families: The Whitney’s free family guides include drawing and looking activities for children and families to share while they are exploring museum galleries together.  Guides are available in the museum lobby”.  Children 18 and under are provided with free admission by the museum.

September 29, 2009

Get ready for winter by getting super-organized. can help you.   Though this apparently will not be an inexpensive event, their services apparently merit the investment.

September 28, 2009

Sign up for the “Haunted Hayrides” at River Ridge 960 California Road  Bronxville 914.633.0303   Riding instruction, birthday parties, Halloween holiday hayrides, etc.Sign

September 25, 2009

LinguaKids Based in Larchmont, your children can take classes or one-on-one lessons onsiteor… you can arrange for your children to have language instruction take place in your home.  You can also form your own group of children, and host the little classmates (at your house, or chez someone else)— at which point this after school activity becomes incredibly financially reasonable.   LinguaKids offers instruction in French and Spanish, and in January ’10 they will offer Italian instruction for children if there is enough demand.  Ask for Michelle.  And thanks so much to Joanna Overby for arranging afterschool French instruction in Bronxville for the 67 year old set!!!

September 24, 2009

You can create your own private children’s soccer clinic, and host it at your home or at a friend’s house!  Collect a group of friends and invite them to have their children join your soccer group, and set it up ahead of time with SuperSoccerStars.   Your friends can then register online with SuperSoccerStars who will provide the instructor and will show up everyweek at the appointed time.  Visit, and click on “Private Groups”.  Or call 212.877.7171.  Special thanks to Romy Coquillette for all of her efforts along these lines, for the three year old set!

September 18, 2009

Top Twelve nonorganic foods to avoid (in that they absorb pesticides):

1) Strawberries

2) Bell peppers (green and red)

3) Spinach

4) Cherries

5) Peaches

6) Canteloupe (Mexico)

7) Celery

8) Apples

9) Apricots

10) Green beans

11) Grapes (Chilean)

12) Cucumbers

You live and learn!!!  Finding more desirable items on the list above like organic strawberries etc. is a challenge— but they do exist at Whole Foods and other markets/grocery stores.  Bon appetit.

September 17, 2009

CHARITY.  Clean out your closets and drawers post-summer to make room for new fall and winter clothing— for you and your children.  Bag up the donations and document each item on your own, and call Big Brothers/Big Sisters who will come directly to your house to pick up the haul.   Attach your own itemized and detailed donation list to the receipt that they will provide for you upon pick up— and take the tax donation for the year 2009.  In the wake of the “Great Recession” (which God willing we are hopefully emerging from?) charitable organizations are incredibly strapped for resources.  So… your careful, thoughtful, and much needed gesture will hopefully result in a win-win event.  Also, Big Brothers/Big Sisters now accepts books…just another thought.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters:  914.963.4453

September 16, 2009

WORKING CLASS.  For the best authentic coats, accessories, and haberdashery with an authentic U.K. working man’s aesthetic, please visit  You can view the merchandise online, but you need to purchase by actually visiting it’s downtown Manhattan store, or by calling them.  We swear by the real McCoy “Scottish Firefighter” coat that we purchased four years ago— it comes in children’s and adult sizes and is basically a tricked-out and very warm yellow rain slicker that actual Scottish Firefighters wear (which should be a hit with any 2-6 year old boy in your life?).  The address of the store is 168 Duane Street, and you can reach them by phone at 212.941.1199.  Please visit:

September 15, 2009

AIGLE BOOTS. For the smartest children’s rain and snowboots oh say ever (think, “what would terribly chic French children wear”?), please go to  We have stocked up on them in past years thanks to the kindness of small downtown Manhattan boutiques who have carried them in an admittedly random fashion, but now you can find them online in a selection of colors. We just purchased “The Lolly Boot” in red— for all three children no less.  You will not be disappointed, we promise.  Best, of all— they wear so well thanks to their quality construction that they are easily handed down to younger siblings, making the not too terrible up-front price that much better over the course of many years of wear.  Directions: when you visit the website below, click on “Children” on the left sidebar to find the full selection of kid’s boots …

September 14, 2009 Here  you will find a great selection of organic bed linens, mattresses, mattress covers, pillows, etc.  They also have great organic children’s crib mattresses/crib bedding & linens, baby blankets and gifts.  Their wool pillow is recommended for anyone with allergies, as its natural fibers (as opposed to synthetic) are naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites (eeew… exactly).   Special thanks to Christine Tormey for reporting her excellent experience with

September 11, 2009

Houlihan Lawrence has earned 82% of marketshare for Bronxville Village (single family homes, no townhouses.  Per MLS 8/31/09).  An impresssive stat indeed.

September 10, 2009

AVERILL FARM, WASHINGTON CT.  Apple picking season is now upon us!!!!!!!!!  We cannot recommend Averill Farm in Washington Connecticut more highly (to put it mildly).  This farm has been family owned since the late 1700’s, when the family bought it from Native Americans.   Lucky for you (and the rest of us), you can take your children apple picking in perhaps the most beautiful spot on earth, in the least commercial area you could possibly imagine.  Stop for lunch immediately afterward at GW Tavern (860.868.6633, Children welcome).  Averill Farm  250 Calhoun Street  Washington Depot, CT  860.868.2777.

September 9. 2009

There is a new gourmet cheese store opening in the next few weeks at 107 Pondfield Road in Bronxville.  It will be a huge success no doubt!!!

September 8, 2009



4 cups all-purpose flower, sifted

1 tablespoon salt

1/4 tablespoon baking soda

3 tablespoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon sugar

1/2 pound very cold unsalted butter

1 pint very cold buttermilk

2 eggs (for egg wash)

Directions: A Kitchen-Aid style mixer would come in handy here.  You can also use a large mixing bowl and a manual pastry cutter to combine the butter and flour.

* Combine dry ingredients in mixing bowl

* dice butter into small squares

* sprinkle butter cubes with a little flour, so they don’t stick together, and toss them in the bowl of dry ingredients.  Using the paddle attachment on the mixer, combine the butter and flour mixure at medium speed for approximately 2-3 minutes until the bit of butter are the size of peas.

* with the paddle still chruning, add buttermilk.  It will take approxinately 20 seconds to fold in.  The mixture will be fairly wet and will look like chocolate chip cookie dough.

* place dough onto a well-floured cutting board.  Sprinkle more flour on top of dough.  Using your fingers, gently fold dough over itself a few times and flatten a bit.  It should be lumpy and a bit loose,  not smooth like bread dough.  Sprinkle the cutting board with more flour if you think the dough might stick.

* using a heavy rolling pin dusted with flour, gently roll dough out into a broad oval, about 1/2-3/4 inches thick.

* using a cookie cutter or other straightedge, cut dough into biscuits— they do  not need to be perfectly shaped.  Place each biscuit on the baking tray.  Cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate until ready to bake.

* preheat oven to 375 before baking.  Remove biscuits from the refrigerator.  Beat the eggs and brush the top of each biscuit with them. Bake for about 7 minutes, or until nicely browned and fragrant.

Serve immediately.  Makes 18 biscuits.

September 7, 2009


From the welcome page today on “Make a selection from the constantly updating alphabetical list of stores in New York (there are 800-plus) and you will get the shop’s address, phone number, and a brief description of the events and celebrity appearances taking place there on September 10, along with a link to a handy goodgle map.  The best part?  It’s a free download from Apple’s App Store”.

September 5, 2009

Stop by Park Place Bagels (Fresh Baked Bagels)  for their grand post-major renovation grand opening which takes place today.  9 Park Place, Bronxville 914.793.7114  The place to see and be seen in the mornings, 7 days a week, as you walk to the train station or start your day.  The best bagels, minis, and flavels to be found!  Ask for the owner, Claudio, or Jose— and tell them that sent you.

(Also, today September 5th is the last day of The Wine Emporium promotion.  Please scroll below to read September 3rd’s entry to learn about this promotion).

September 4, 2009


WOOD PRAIRIE FARM You can find them (purple potatoes) at 1.800.829.9765.  This small certified organic family farm located in Bridgewater, Maine markets their own homegrown products, as well as those of other local certified organic farmers personally known to them.  Wood Prairie Farm specializes in potatoes— of the highly orgininal variety.  Choose from the “All Blue”  (yes blue, especially inside), “Cranberry Red” (yes, inside too), or the “Easter Egg Potatoes” (per their website: “colorful baby potatoes…blues, reds, yellows, purples, and whites.  Perfect for salads, potato salads, wild hors d’oeuvres, or just to brighten up your plate on a winter’s day”).  Your kids, big and small—and their friends— will be beside themselves with excitement at the thought of eating such strangely and surprisingly colorful vegetables (organic no less?). We say claim a healthful victory wherever you find one…  Order online now and stock up for the winter!!!

(Also for Setpember 4, The Wine Emporium promotion is still in effect.  Please see below).

September 3, 2009


Please visit The Wine Emporium in Bronxville  98 Pondfield Road  914.337.5090.  For Thursday 9/3, Friday 9/4, and Saturday 9/5 we are pleased to announce that readers will receive a special discount on their wine purchases.  Mention, and you will receive a 15% discount off one or more bottles of wine.  This discount applies to one bottle, or more— there is no limit to the number of bottles you can purchase.  So stock up for the weekend, for the month, or for the upcoming fall dinner party season!!!   Feel free to visit all three days to make full use of this discount offer, and please also feel free tell your friends to visit this site to learn about this special offer…

This discount applies to full priced “still” wines (i.e. no champagne/no sparkling, and no liquor).  Also, the full 15% discount does not apply to wines already on sale.   Other than that, go for it.

September 2, 2009


If you already have cable service through Westchester Cablevision (as perhaps everyone here without a dish does?), and you have internet service through them as well— you can add on landline telephone service for only $29.95 a month (with unlimited calling on weekdays & weekends, locally/nationally and to Canada and Puerto Rico).  As the TV ads promote, this will qualify you as having “all three Optimum services”, for which you will receive a $14 dollar monthly discount off your monthly cable services, $10 off your monthly internet services (total savings per month $28).  So in reality, your new phone landline phone service—after the $40 one-time fee for phone service transfer from your old carrier to this new one— will cost you less than two dollars a month.  We just switched over from our Verizon landline service, kept our current longtime landline phone number, and eliminated our $150 plus a month bills from Verizon— representing a savings of at least $1,800 a year!!!  Hooray for efficiencies.

September 1, 2009


If you would like to clean your house with the best smelling (and healthiest) stuff on earth, please follow this recipe:

1) one bottle of tap water , almost filled to the top (we use recycled glass Pellegino bottles)

2) one quarter cup Peppermint

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