Here are our favorite go-to sources, for the best of the best in lower Westchester County.  They are all personal favorites of mine.


TheWineandSpiritsEmporium, 98PondfieldRoad, Bronxville914.337.5090.  They offer a fantastic selection and fabulous inventory, in a very friendly small town setting with absolutely top of the line service and excellent wine selection advice.  Please ask for “Lee” and tell her that Maria sent you…
Zachy’s Wine and Liquor Store  16 E. Parkway, Scarsdale  914.723.0241  Renowned for a reason. Visit to check out their vast selectionof wines, their schedules of wine auctions, and their calendar of upcoming events.
The Kneaded Bread.  181 N. Main Street, Port Chester.  914.937.9489.

They are known for their their absolutely delicious sandwiches, soups, homemade breads, and desserts.  The space is also very cool with an industrial feel to it.  Everything on offer is top-of-the-line and made on-site.   They also have a separate catering menu on their website.  The store is located in an up-and-coming neighborhood with an urban feel to it. We wish they would branch out into other Westchester towns so we could share the wealth, but it is definitely worth the trip.

Sugar Bee 914.834.3410 Delicious food, gorgeously presented.  They have a large and loyal client following for all of the right reasons.

Cornerstone Bakery 544 Milton Road, Rye 914.967.0035  Known for their wedding cakes, and their delicious food.  Tip-top staff on offer here too.  They do a big business catering weddings.

Bradley’s Desserts and Catering 2 Chatsworth Avenue, Larchmont 914.833.1095  Fabulously European in flair…It is worth the trip to Larchmont to check it out.  Delicious pastries and cookies, amazing salads, soups and sandwiches all served in a tiny little boite setting.  Quite special and not to be missed!  Make a lunch date with a long lost friend and plan to meet there, you will be happy!

Fresh Direct  Did you know that Fresh Direct not only delivers the highest quality meats, seafood, produce, cheeses (and focuses on culling the best at all times possible from local farmers and resources), but they also have a distinguished team of top Manhattan chefs who prepare daily over 600 entrees and side dishes, and 200 baked goods many of which are all natural and all of which are baked daily in Fresh Direct’s own kitchen.  Just heat and serve— and when entertaining perhaps ask the serving staff to keep your secret for the evening? (you can tell friends the next day when they email for your secret source).


Dobbs & Bishop 107 Pondfield Road  Bronxville 914.361.1770  This amazing and fabulously stylish cheese store was opened on November 7, 2009 by Bronxville residents and husband and wife teram Ruth Walter and Kevin McNeil.  The store is named after their respective home towns: Dobbs Ferry, NY (hers) and Bishop, Scotland (his).   This new venture also offers other delicious gourmet items: sausages, caviar, Balthazaar breads (delivered fresh every morning— 7 days a week), and other select and special items.  Congratulations Dobbs & Bishop on your absolutely staggering and well-deserved success to date…

Auray Cheese Shop 1935A Palmer Avenue, Larchmont 914.833.2274  It’s like visiting Paris without leaving home.  Definitely not to miss.


Kensington Paper Pondfield Road, Bronxville 914.793.2619  Former Bergdorf Goodman VP brings her talents, abilities, and design sensibility to Bronxville.  Ask for Paisley Kelling, Co-Owner.

CALLING CARDS: A great and very individual selection.  Design-minded and fabulous, and inexpensive to boot.


1.888.fineflowers This nationwide flower service created their own consortium of the best florists in every town, and places orders through them for local delivery.  In our 10 years of using them, we have always been completely thrilled with their results.  We recommend giving them the amount that you want to spend, some creative direction, and then let them take it from there.


Kensington Paper Pondfield Road  Bronxville 914.793.2619  Again, per the above (see Custom Invitations/Announcements)– ask for Paisley Kelling for top notch guidance.

CHEAP THRILLS You can customize just about anything, and cheaply.  Menu cards, place cards, coasters, etc.  You can put your name or a special message on them, whatever suits you.  Order early, as they are in great demand and orders-plus- delivery can take up to two weeks.

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