Welcome to The Bronxville School link on!  Those who live within theSquare Mile” Village of Bronxville school district qualify to send their children to Bronxville’s K-12 School.  The Bronxville School is the jewel in the crown of the Bronxville community. Most Bronxville residents who send their children to The Bronxville School (and approximately 95% of residents send their children to the school) fall into one of the following three categories: 1) those who grew up in Bronxville, who return to send their own children to this renowned institution which is truly unlike any other in the country with regard to character and reputation 2) Manhattanites who select The Bronxville School for their children over the best private New York City schools, and move to Bronxville for the explicit purpose of sending their children to The Bronxville School 3) those in-the-know who move to Bronxville from abroad— both Ex-Pats and foreign nationals who hear about The Bronxville School from friends, family, and colleagues.  A significant contingent of currently enrolled Bronxville School students elementary-high school formerly attended:  The Collegiate School, Horace Mann, St. David’s, Ethical Culture/The Fieldston School, The Calhoun School, Trevor Day— and a host of private schools from abroad in London, Paris, Hong Kong, etc.  Please read below to get an insider’s feel for life at The Bronxville School.

The best schools in Westchester County New York have long been considered to be the following (in alphabetical order): The Bronxville School (K-12), Horace Greely High School, Chappaqua (9-12), Rye High School (9-12) , and Scarsdale High School (9-12).  Please see more important test score information below…

May 2010: The Bronxville School ranked #1 with regard to SAT test score results for all of Westchester County.  The top test score results are as follows:

AVERAGE Combined SAT Score


2) Scarsdale High School: SAT SCORE 1924

3) Horace Greely School (Chappaqua): SAT SCORE 1892

4) Rye Blind Brook (this is NOT Rye High School): SAT SCORE 1873

5) Byram Hills High School: SAT SCORE 1822

Shockingly, please note that Rye City is missing from the list above…In other words, Rye High School did not make the top 5 scores overall in Westchester County.

AND CONGRATULATIONS: The Bronxville Girl’s Varsity Cross Country team, the Bronxville Girl’s Varsity Soccer team, and The Bronxville Varsity Football team ALL won their respective New York State Chanpionship meets and/or games this fall 2010 season!!!!!!!!!


I: An interview with Dianne Aronson: 2nd Grade Teacher, The Bronxville School. Interview: October 2009.

By Maria Wein Devaney

Maria: “After graduating from Skidmore, how did you begin your teaching career?”

Dianne: I taught at The Dalton School in Manhattan for 8 years.  I taught a combined class of 1st and 2nd Grade students, with another teacher.  I learned a lot, had amazing students, and very much enjoyed my time there”.

Maria: “How did you arrive at The Bronxville School?”

Dianne: “I was considering a teaching career change, and came out from the city to take a tour for prospective teachers at The Bronxville School.  The tour guide was Heidi Menzel (now the Vice-Principal of The Bronxville Elementary School).  On that day, I fell in love with Bronxville and The Bronxville School, and felt like I had somehow come home.  Plus, The Bronxville School ‘loops’ the 1st and 2nd Grade (which means that you keep the same teacher for 2nd Grade that you had for 1st Grade, which creates priceless continuity in the eyes of parents and students here in Bronxville).  It all felt very ‘meant to be’— and on top of that, I had already spent 8 years at Dalton teaching both 1st and 2nd Grades so the job itself felt like a perfect fit.”

Maria: “How do you compare The Dalton School to The Bronxville School?”

Dianne: “The two schools seem remarkably similar to me.  Their qualities in common are as follows: the highest expectations for learning for the individual students, the extraordinary calibre of the teachers, and the tremendous resources of both schools.  Also, the children arrive at The Bronxville School with a certain wealth of knowledge derived from their experiences with highly educated and engaged parents  like visits to museums, family trips, and a seemingly unlimited exposure to remarkable opportunities for learning.  I find the kids at Bronxville to be as gifted, talented and curious as the students I knew at Dalton.  The Dalton children have to move through an admissions process, the Bronxville children do not”.

Maria: “What do you find are the differences between Dalton and Bronxville?”

Dianne: “There is more opportunity for parental involvement at The Bronxville School.  There are so many ways to be really hands on for parents, if they would like to be: Family Math Night, the Book fair, and individual projects in the children’s classrooms are all good examples.  This level of involvement is a direct result of The Bronxville School’s distinct organizational structure”.

Maria: “Tell me your thoughts about the quality of education at The Bronxville School“.

Dianne: “It is a very rigoruous education.  The Bronxville School hires only the highest calibre of teachers and these same teachers are truly invested in their daily teaching— and in the larger school setting at Bronxville.  There is a real collegiality among the staff, who meet frequently to share ‘best practices’ and ensure that we are all making the most of our own individual experiences.  Last but not least, the children themselves rejuvenate us.  Like Dalton, there is a collective involvement in the children’s education— the parents, teachers, and students all care very deeply about The Bronxville School and the extraordinary level of education that it provides”.

Maria: “What do you think makes The Bronxville School special?”

Dianne: “The people who work, live, and learn here.  Bronxville is a very small, incredibly friendly and very real community in every sense of the word.  New families— students and parents— are welcomed with great excitement at whatever grade level the enter the school.  There are amazing ‘New Student Orientation’ programs that new students and their families find to be incredibly helpful.  And current students feel rightfully honored to arrive the day before school starts to greet the new students arriving in their respective grades, welcome them— and make friends with the new students ‘first’.  The fabric of The Bronxville School is incredibly warm and welcoming.  Finally, the fact that The Bronxville School is housed in one building— Grades K-12— sets it apart in a completely unique fashion.  We get to see our students grow up from ages 5-18, and they still come back to me in their 1st/2nd Grade classroom to see me while they are still here in the upper grades…and after they have graduated.  Their visits are very special to me”.


Dianne Aronson, 2nd Grade Teacher at The Bronxville School


Below please find college acceptance information never before officially compiled or released by The Bronxville School.  The Bronxville School has previously only released matriculation figures.  Please note that the acceptance information below was custom-created by The Bronxville School specifically for

The information below represents college ADMISSIONS/ACCEPTANCES for The Bronxville School combined classes of 2008 and 2009.    (You will also find the 2009 Matriculation information at the bottom of this page).   On the left side of the page you will find the College/University name, on the right hand side you find the number of Bronxville School students accepted by that same College/University in 2008 & 2009* (the Class of 2008 graduated 102 students, the Class of 2009 graduated 110 students):

Amherst     2

Bard College     5

Barnard College     2

Bates College     2

Bennington College     1

Boston College     18

Bowdoin College     7

Brown University     3

Bucknell University     7

Carnegie Mellon University     2

U CAL  Berkeley     1

U CAL  L.A.     1

Claremont McKenna College       1

University of Chicago      2

Colby College     1

Colgate University     7

University of Colorado at Boulder     5

Colorado College     2

Columbia University     2

Connecticut College     1

Cornell University     8

Dartmouth College     8

Davidson College     5

Denison University     2

Dickinson College     7

Duke University     3

Emory University     1

Fairfield University     5

Fordham University     8

Georgetown Unviversity     10

Gettysburg College     10

Hamilton College     5

Harvard University     5

Haverford College     1

College of The Holy Cross     3

John Hopkins University     3

Kenyon College     2

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)     1

McGill University     3

Miami University, Oxford     4

Middlebury College     3

University of Michigan     3

Mount Holyoke College     2

New York University     3

Northwestern University     8

University of Notre Dame     5

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill     1

Oberlin College     3

University of Pennsylvania     4

Princeton University     4

University of Richmond     9

Skidmore College     6

Swarthmore College     3

The George Washington  University     6

Trinity College     8

Tufts University     1

Vanderbilt University     9

Vassar College     2

University of Vermont     13

Villanova University     4

Univeristy of Virginia     4

Washington & Lee University     3

Wellesley College     1

Wesleyan University     8

College of William & Mary     4

Williams College     5

University of St. Andrews Scotland     2

United States Naval Academy     1

Yale University     3

* This list of colleges/universities acceptances has been edited for website uploading purposes.


Amherst College

Barnard College

Bates College

Boston College     4

Boston University     2

Bowdoin College

Bucknell University     2

Catholic University

University of Chicago

Colgate University     3

Colorado College

Columbia University

Concordia College

Connecticut College

Cornell University

Dartmouth College     4

Davidson College     3

Dean College

University of Delaware

Denison College

Dickenson College

Drexel University

Duke University

Eckerd College

Emerson College

Fordham University

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgetown University     4

George Washington University

Gettysburg College      3

Hamilton College      2

Harvard University     3

Johns Hopkins University

Loyola Marymount     2

Marist College

New York University

Northwestern University

University of Notre Dame

Oberlin College

Ohio Wesleyan University

Pace University    2

Pratt Institute

University of Pennsylvania

Princeton University    3

Purdue University

Rensselaer Polytechnic University

Rhode Island School of Design     2

Rhodes College

University of Richmond    3

Rider University

The University of San Diego

Skidmore College     3

St. Michael’s College

Syracuse University

Swarthmore College     2

SUNY Maritime

Thames Academy at Mitchell College

Trinity College

Vanderbilt University   3

Vassar College

University of Virginia     2

Washington & Lee University

Wellesley College

Wesleyan University     2

Westchester Community College

William & Mary College

Williams College    2

Yale University     2


Barrons breaks colleges down into five categories, and classifies them as follows: “Most competitive”, “Highly competitive”, “Very competitive”, “Competitive”, “Less/noncompetitive”.

The Bronxville School’s College Matriculation break out as follows according to the classifications outlined by Barrons:

Class of 2009:

Most competitive: 65%

Highly competitive: 20%

Very competitive: 9%

Competitive: 4%

Less/noncompetitive: 2%

So in the final analysis: 94% of  The Bronxville School Class of 2009 enrolled in a college/university rated “Most competitive” , “Highly competitive” , or “Very competitive” by Barrons.

By Maria Wein Devaney

Spotlight on Jim Mitchell:   Latin and Philosophy Teacher, The Bronxville School.  Interview: June 2009


Maria Wein Devaney: “What makes The Bronxville School different from other schools?”

Jim Mitchell: “Look at all of the wonderful kids we have at Bronxville.  Their parents are incredibly accomplished people with high expectations, live very interesting lives themselves everyday in the city, and the kids ‘get’ this and more than live up to the same high standards.  Their parents chose Bronxville over all other towns and pay high taxes in return for what they feel is an excellent educational setting.  The Bronxville School is a very nurturing environment, so the success is literally ‘drawn’ out of these kids from an early age.   The kids are encouraged from kindergarten on, so that by the time they arrive in high school they are particularly movtivated.  Bronxville is a very special school, especially compared to many schools in the country who get a lot more publicity— we are better than them in many ways.

And it translates down the road into results.  The college acceptances are not yet even officially out, but so far we have the following (very unofficial) ‘Early’ acceptances this year for our class of approximately 105 seniors: 2 to Harvard, 2 to Yale, 4 to Georgetown, 4 to Dartmouth, 2 to Williams, 3 to UVa, and 1 each to Cornell and Davidson just off the top of my head.  The regular acceptances come out during the next two weeks”.

Maria Wein Devaney: “What do you think makes The Bronxville School so academically strong?”

Jim Mitchell: “I think that the students are challenged at an early age to do well academically.  This becomes the rule rather than an exception and the students continue into high school with excellent work habits.   The teachers in high school offer a rigorous program with frequent opportunities to follow an AP program.  The culture of of the school encourages high performance.  Parents are also part of the equation.  They are successful and they encourage their children to be equally so in academics and sports.  I suppose it is like a good stew: it tastes great but often you are not sure of all of the ingredients”.

Maria Wein Devaney: “How did you arrive at The Bronxville School?”

Jim Mitchell:  “I went to high school at Regis in Manhattan, and then to Fordham on an academic scholarship where I majored in Latin and Greek, and got my Masters at Fordham in Classical Literature.  After graduate school, I taught at Cathedral Seminary—an all boys school— in Queens.  I taught Latin there from 1967-1971, and began coaching boys track for the school when I learned that they they needed a coach.  So I taught and coached track there.

From 1972-1978, I became the Fordham College men’s track distance coach, as a result of the relationship between the two schools.  I coached distance runners, was heavily responsible for high school recruiting for the Fordham team, etc.

Then one day in February 1978, I saw an ad in The Sunday New York Times and some school named ‘Bronxville’ was looking for a Latin teacher.  I came in on a snowy Friday to meet with (then) Principal Robert Spenik.  When I returned home from the interview, my phone was ringing.  I answered, and it was Robert Spenik asking if I could start that Monday.   So in March of 1978, I was teaching at The Bronxville School, and finishing up my Fordham men’s track coaching responsibilities that continued through the end of the school year.

In 1978, Title 9 had just gone into effect, which demanded equal opportunities for girls and women with regard to education and athletics.  Title 9 had a profound effect on everything, and changed the face of U.S. sports forever at the high school and college levels.

Largely thanks to Title 9, by 1979 we had our first real girls track team.  We had Mary Taylor (Behrens), Margaret Taylor (Conaton), Lisa McNally (Cassidy), Michelle Foley (Fischer)— who all went on to have outstanding track careers at Georgetown.  Mary in particular was a longtime Georgetown record holder in the 300m and other events.  We also had  Tracey Jacoby, Bedford Malpass, Katie Attwood, Jennifer Wilcox, Leslie Rawlings, and Anne Hoenicke on the team.  We created our own uniforms, and we decided that Lacoste shirts with shorts from Bill Rogers apparel had a ‘very Bronxville’ look about it.  I treated them just like the guys.  In our first meet, during our first season, we had a dual meet against Croton who was the longtime reigning track school for all of Westchester County.  We killed them that day.  That spring, we sent our 4×800 relay to the New York State Championships at West Point, and ended up coming in 3rd in the State if you can imagine.  The team ran a 9:26.

In 1980, we won our first 4×800 State Title.  The team consisted of Margaret Taylor (Conaton), Lisa McNally (Cassidy), Tracey Jacoby, and Janna Ford.

1981 was the first year that I coached all three seasons: Cross Country, Indoor, and Outdoor.  Since then, we have had 15 4×800 New York State Championship titles, 7 State Cross Country titles, and 38 girls who have won a combined 138 All-American titles (and this level of distinguishment was not established until I think the very late 1980s)”.

Maria Wein Devaney: “How did you develop such strong relationships with the college coaches?”

Jim Mitchell: “I had coaching contacts at the college level from my days at Fordham, and I began to use them for my kids coming off my team.  At first, I made the most of my existing contacts to create new ones, to promote my kids to the college coaches.  Now they come to us, as a result of our longstanding national reputation.  Princeton and Yale are where the greatest number of  Bronxville girls have enrolled coming off the team, but we have also sent (sometimes very large) contingents to Harvard, Georgetown, U Penn, Stanford, Duke, Dartmouth, Williams, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Amherst, Fordham, and Northwestern”.

Maria Wein Devaney: “Tell me about your most recent season”.

Jim Mitchell: “Our 4×800 team beat every other team in the entire state at The New York State Championships this past March 7.  The team consisted of Henrietta Miers, Tori Flannery, Caitlin Hudson, and Olivia Bruton.  Henrietta is a junior, Olivia was accepted early to Dartmouth, and Tori and Caitlin have both been accepted at Yale”.

Maria Wein Devaney: “What are you most proud of with regard to your years of coaching at Bronxville?”

Jim Mitchell: “The success of The Bronxville School’s girls track team mystifies me.   There must be something in the water here.   We obviously do not recruit, as the kids have to live within the ‘One Square Mile’ school district to go to The Bronxville School.  So we are working strictly with ‘homegrowns’, and somehow we just keep regenerating ourselves year after year.  When we were down at the Girls National High School Championships in North Carolina about five years ago, and our 4×800 team anchor was coming around the final turn in the lead, the stadium announcer said over the loudspeaker for all to hear: ‘In first place comes The Bronxville School— The Best Square Mile of Track in the United States’ “.

For more information about The Bronxville School, please visit:



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